Dealing with Gases

The Department of Transportation’s Hazard Class Two contains all of the gases. There are many definitions of what exactly a gas is, but one of the easiest to understand is that used by Merriam Webste... Read More...

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Trust: We Must Maintain It!

How many times have you witnessed this yourself?  I have gone to conferences, trainings, and just around town and have seen firefighters in their departmental shirts drinking adult beverages in extre... Read More...

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Ketamine Pilot Project

 Recently the North Carolina Medical Board approved a ketamine pilot project in North Carolina.  Under this pilot, ketamine has been approved for both sedation and pain.  The project is very similar ... Read More...


Revisiting Radiologicals: The Basics of Radioactive Hazardous Materials

Many Hazmat Technicians and Specialists make the comment that “I do not do radioactives” — sometimes even with a few unprintable words thrown in. Radiological hazardous materials seem to elicit such ... Read More...


Commitment: It’s not just a word

Welcome back again to the South Carolina Bureau of EMS contribution area of this edition of Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Magazine. As this edition goes to press we are gearing up for another amazing SC E... Read More...


Time Keeps on Ticking The Difference a Minute Can Make

Time — this value is most important in life. Everyone has to respect and understand the time value because time can give the reaction of good as well as bad. Some individuals understand the meaning a... Read More...

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That rare find ...THE VOLUNTEER

All-volunteer Rescue Squads, at least in North Carolina, over the last 15 years have seen changes. As I approach 46 years as a volunteer in the rescue service this coming December, I have personally ... Read More...

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A Divided Congress: It’s Something that a United Fire Service Can Certainly Overcome

As many political prognosticators predicted, election night turned into a split decision on Capitol Hill.  While the Republicans picked-up one seat in the Senate, the Democrats on the House-side took... Read More...

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Rules for Life

In October of each year, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) ( host on the campus of the National Fire Academy and the home of the U.S. Fire Administration, the annual Fal... Read More...

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Cutting Made Easy

In just about every extrication there are steps we take that are commonplace.  Cutting the windshield out of a car is one of those steps that are pretty common to most extrications.  Cutting the wind... Read More...


National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend

The fall season can be an absolute whirlwind for me as we wrap up Hurricane season here in the Carolinas. This year was no different, my busiest yet. I was activated early by North Carolina Emergency... Read More...

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The Importance of Interoperability

Interoperability is a characteristic of a product or system, whose interfaces are completely understood, to work with other products or systems, at present or in the future, in either implementation ... Read More...

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Fire and Emergency Management

Many years ago, those in public service questioned the feasibility of the fire service and emergency medical services existing within the same agency. Most metropolitan fire departments and quite a f... Read More...

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After Startling Jump in 2017 Struck-by Deaths, Reflecting May Not be Enough

It should have been a banner year for firefighter safety in America in 2017. In June, the National Fire Protection Association released its annual report on firefighter fatalities in the United State... Read More...

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Beaver Lane Volunteer Rescue/Fire

Department Name: Beaver Lane Volunteer Rescue and Fire Department County:  Union Type Department:  Fire/Rescue Structure:  Combination ISO:  5/9 Number of Stations:  1... Read More...

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