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  Scholarships available for two-day classroom training event Registration and course selection is now open for the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Training Summit. The Summit ... Read More...

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Tis’ the Season – for CO calls

This article is likely being read after the first of the year, but it is being written as we crank up for the Christmas holidays. Tis’ the season for Santa Claus, eggnog, and Carbon Monoxide (CO) cal... Read More...

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Differences in Practices Between Rural and Urban First Responders: Examining How First Responders Handle Irritant Gas Syndrome Agent (IGSA) Disasters in Rural Versus Urban Settings

(Funding Supported by Magellan Scholar Program University of South Carolina: 11200-15-37930) During this past summer, I had the pleasure of attending the South Carolina Fire Rescue Conference ... Read More...

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Preparing for the (Fire) Storm

I have spent the past couple of decades working in some form of public safety and now my career takes me more and more into the realm of emergency management. One thing that I have learned is that th... Read More...

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The ’12 Series Highway Tank Trailers: A Possibly Corrosive Situation

This discussion is a continuance of the series pertaining to highway transportation tank trailers, in which we have previously covered the ’06 series non-pressure tank trailers and ’07 series low-pre... Read More...


Prevention or Suppression: Where Do You Stand?

During my tenure in the fire service, I have worked for a number of fire departments that ran a fair amount of calls throughout the year. While working for these departments, the crews trained, prepa... Read More...

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Railroad Incident Response: Rolling Stock and Locomotives

In our last article we examined the all hazards approach to a railroad incident. In this issue, we’ll take a closer look at some of the rolling stock and locomotives that we may come across in our re... Read More...

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Using Drones in the Rescue Service

All things in rescue evolve and change. Materials used in construction of rescue tools improve, technologies change, as do the applications of technologies to effect rescues. It is inevitable and it ... Read More...

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Struts and Lights

We are rolling into a new year and new technology will be coming out in the equipment we buy and use. I will be hitting about six to right shows this year and have a chance to see some of these new t... Read More...


The Upside to Being an Early Morning Riser

This article is going to be met with loud boos and “are you nuts” exclamations.  Stick with me folks. What I am about to tell you has changed my life forever. Read More...

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Summerville Fire and Rescue

Department Name: Summerville Fire and Rescue County: Dorchester County Type Department: Combination Read More...


Making Stone Soup

In several European countries there is an old tale of Stone Soup. It has many variations in various countries. I am most familiar with the French version. The main part of the folk story centers arou... Read More...


The Value in Leadership

At some point in your career, you will be called upon to lead. Or you may be presently serving in a leadership role. Regardless of your present position, if you are taking the time to read this artic... Read More...

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Recruitment and Retention: Extra expense or priceless benefit?

Volunteers and employees are without a doubt the most priceless resource we have in emergency services. When they perform to the highest standards they portray our agency as outstanding and above exc... Read More...

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We the Fire Service

We the fire service have a debt of gratitude. One generation shall praise your works to another, and shall declare greatness of your mighty acts, learning from failures and mistakes. Read More...

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