What’s new with struts and gloves? Tools of the Trade

Several years back, I wrote about the Rescue Jack stabilization struts. Now they have introduced a new line of struts that only improve on previous ones. The new X-Struts will give rescuers more stab... Read More...

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A comprehensive EMS telemedicine system

(The following is part one of a three part series on EMS telemedicine.)   BR Med-Connect is an EMS telemedicine system recently installed in East Baton Rouge Parish (BR), Louisiana. Currently ... Read More...

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Benefits of the Electronic Medical Record RESCUE and EMS

Are electronic medical records necessary in the healthcare? How can electronic medical records be managed more effectively? This article will address those questions. Electronic medical records (E... Read More...

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Healthy life style

Saving lives. Isn’t that the heart of what firefighting and emergency medical services are all about? What about your own life? I’ve been to several fire/ EMS tradeshows lately to introduce our ne... Read More...

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Interoperability key to firefighters’ future success

As firefighters battled flames inside the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001 they were faced with an even larger obstacle. Fire rescue personnel, lacking communications equipment compatible with that used... Read More...

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South Carolina fire service embraces cultural change

For a number of years the national fire service has experienced some 100 plus firefighter line-of-duty fatalities annually. Additionally, injuries sustained by our firefighters linger around 80,000 e... Read More...

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Why take investment risk?

Last year’s stock market decline created significant stress for investors. Unfortunately, in times like last year, we often see investors panicking and moving out of risky assets such as stocks into ... Read More...

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Improve your incident command system

(The following is part two of a two part series on your command plan.) Incident management The term “Incident Command System” has been used since the mid 1980s. In the 90s we termed it “In... Read More...

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Don’t teach them everything you know

If you have been in the fire service or EMS for a significant period of time, you’re likely to make decisions based upon experience gained over the course of your career. Seasoned personnel more ofte... Read More...

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Fighting fire with foam

As ethanol production and use continues to expand to all parts of the U.S., it is inevitable that most American’s will encounter ethanol in one way or another. There are 196 ethanol production facili... Read More...

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H1N1: What every first responder should know

Public health and other first responder agencies have been in planning mode for a pandemic influenza event for many years now. Unfortunately, that planning was used for the first time this year since... Read More...

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Air management and the prevention problem patient care scenarios

Let me take a quick second to stand on my soapbox. Have you ever noticed that we in the fire service are quick and passionate when it comes to training on things like RIT, Mayday Drills and Self Resc... Read More...

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Looking at boots and packs tools of the trade

Awhile back we looked at OTB water boots, one of the best water boots I have come across. They also make several styles of tactical land boots that have some of the same features as their water boots... Read More...

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Preserving the arson scene expanding our knowledge

Unlike a burglary or homicide scene, the preservation of the potential arson scene is a more difficult task for the 1st Responder. If you think about it, often arson scenes aren’t confirmed as actual... Read More...

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Stimulating your department 2009 A.R.R.A. Fire station grant process update

Did your Department apply for this grant? Were you successful? If not, will there be another opportunity next year? In the last article we looked in depth at the American Recovery and Reinvestment... Read More...

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