Sizing up a HOARDER HOME

Stations and units respond to #1 Main Street, be advised that this is a hoarder house. Do you think that receiving a dispatch would make you take a moment to slow down, become more defensive, or choo... Read More...

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Creating an Accountability Culture

Over the years as a firefighter and even as an officer I have heard, as well as saying it myself, we need to hold “those people” accountable. As a chief officer I hear that we need to hold people acc... Read More...

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What are YOU doing for the fire service?

Recently I was doing some work and started thinking about my role at Buies Creek Fire Department in Harnett County. I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT with that organization. I have been fortunate ... Read More...

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Foolish leadership

Have you ever noticed or witnessed a foolish leader? As some of my associates say, “You just can’t fix stupid.” Have you observed how those in his or her circle of friends can lead a leader down the ... Read More...

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The Beverly Hills Supper Club fire revisited

The Beverly Hills Supper Club was located in Southgate, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. On the evening of May 28,1977 a deadly fire broke out in the club and by dawn the next mo... Read More...


Aquatic search and rescue

Incidence of drowning’s are not frequent, however they are often a dramatic event in a community. Local resources respond and operate to the best of their abilities until recovery is made. Recovery m... Read More...

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Reader Photo Submissions

Congratulations to Jennifer Gerst of Anderson Creek Emergency Services, Inc. for a winning image of a live burn for FF I & II at station Flatbranch Fire Dept. They were watching the fire build prior ... Read More...

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HEAVY vehicle rescue LIFTING

Spring is here as I write this, and summer will be here when you read this. As a matter of fact, it is already getting hotter than I wish it would be. As things have gotten warmer, more departments a... Read More...


A few guidelines to managing FEMA AGFP awards

Without a doubt, receiving a FEMA AFGP award is much more fun than managing it. Especially since most departments submit several applications under the various programs over many years until they rec... Read More...

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5 key technology trends for EMS personnel

Emergency management service technology is emerging and developing quickly in order to make the services more affordable and efficient so more lives can be saved. Five quickly emerging technologies i... Read More...

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Getting by with a little help from my friends How first responders can balance family, work and life

After graduating from the EMT-P program at his local community college and becoming EMS certified, “Ben” was hired last year by his town’s rescue squad as a paramedic. He instantly hit it off with hi... Read More...

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Cracking the code to pre-hospital pediatric care

The single most common cause of anxiety-provoked tachycardia in pre-hospital care is the mere thought of a pediatric call. In EMS departments across this country the fear of treating a sick child is ... Read More...

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From the Editor

Thanks to everyone that visited our booth at the South Carolina Fire Rescue Conference at Myrtle Beach recently. It’s a chance to meet and talk with our readers and visit the many vendors to see what... Read More...

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Protecting your organizations

Our past two articles generated a lot of discussion about protecting departments, squads, employees, volunteers, citizens and your management staff. We received many questions about the topics previo... Read More...

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NFPA updates affect fire truck pumps

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) develops, publishes and distributes consensus codes and standards aimed at minimizing the potential and the effects of fire and other risks. The NFPA c... Read More...


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