Rescue, who is doing it right?

Some of my colleagues and I have been very fortunate to teach and attend different classes dealing with technical rescue the past few years in different locations. In our travels we get to learn how ... Read More...

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Heavy Vehicle Rescue

Winter is finally gone, although as I write this column we are still dealing with wintery weather. Hopefully by the time you read this, all this weather will be gone and warm, nice days will finally ... Read More...


Two in/Two out versus Rapid Intervention: Is there a difference?

Last quarter, I wrote of the changes we’ve seen in both fires and buildings over the last quarter century. Many of today’s buildings are constructed of lightweight materials and energy efficiency des... Read More...

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From the Editor - Spring 2014

David Greene’s article on Google Glass sounds like magic to me. If you are not familiar with Google Glass, you will be amazed at this futuristic technology that is here today. David does a great job ... Read More...

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Deploy a Fire Shelter? What’s in your toolbox for that last-ditch line of protection?

On July 6, 1994, 14 firefighters died in a burn-over on the South Canyon Fire on Storm King Mountain. Jim Roth received the news that every firefighter family member fears. His brother was one of the... Read More...

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The 5 Easy Steps to Total Success

It was a dark and gloomy night. The type of night where both beast and man are both hidden away in a warm and quiet place and no one is on the streets or roads. It’s the kind of night where everythin... Read More...



Al Willimon, recently acquired Fire Equipment Services in Sumter, South Carolina. Under the 28 year ownership of Mr. Tom Garrity, Fire Equipment Services established itself as a manufacturer of top q... Read More...

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Baby proofed houses pose risk to firefighters

“Baby proofed” is a term I am use to around my house. This is mainly due to my two year old running around and if it can be broken, destroyed, colored on, painted and opened it has happened or is goi... Read More...

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Improving fire inspections with quality assurance

Years ago when I got into the fire service “Community Risk Reduction” was a term that no one knew. Throughout the years this term has made its way into the fire service vocabulary and has driven the ... Read More...

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Public perception and protecting your department

As firefighters, officers and chiefs, the emergency services certainly care what the public thinks. What does “politics” mean in the fire service? It means that sometimes we did not provide a service... Read More...

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Imagine the future Google Glass, the world is flat again

Google Glass, the world is flat again The explorers of the early second millennium (A.D.) once thought the world was flat. They feared that if they sailed too far away from home, that they would f... Read More...

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Leadership versus supervision

Everyone in the fire service at some point has worked with an officer that has made an impression on him or her, good or bad, but the ones that leave the best impressions are officers that practice g... Read More...

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Know your standards

Fire and Explosion Investigation involves understanding the many materials, systems and applicable standards, codes, regulations and laws that specify how they may be constructed and used. This colum... Read More...

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Strategic planning for Emergency Service Organizations

“Strategic Planning,” “Risk Assessment,” and “Standards of Response Cover” are three techniques you can use within an emergency services organization (ESO) to respond to the ever-changing environment... Read More...

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What it takes to join a Hazardous Materials Team

It doesn’t take a chemical engineer, chemistry major or rocket scientist to be a Hazardous Materials Technician. What it does take is commitment, dedication and a willingness to learn. Read More...

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