2014 Conference for N.C. Chiefs Feb. 5-9

The 2014 Mid-Winter Conference will be held Feb. 5-9, 2014 at the Concord Convention Center, Concord, N.C. Concord Fire and Life Safety and the Cabarrus County Firemen’s Association are hosts of the ... Read More...


Suicide: A view from the nozzle end of the problem

“Training them to deal with trauma, stress, and grief is no less important than training them to be safe on the fire ground.” — Peggy Sweeney Suicide is a major, preventable public health pr... Read More...

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National study finds that... emergency managers identify the public’s varied communication preferences as the greatest challenge they face

As mobile technologies and social media channels continue to penetrate Americans’ communications behaviors, emergency managers are working diligently to ensure emergency communications keep pace. Thi... Read More...


Behavioral health: protecting our heroes

We walk amongst our bravest servants and unpronounced to us they may be suicidal. As mentioned in our past article, Retaining our Bravest, reality has always been to first responders “the incident is... Read More...

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Are YOU in it to WIN it?

No, I am not talking about a sporting event. My question is, “Are you in your marriage to win it?” Reading Seth Adam Smith’s blog, “Marriage Isn’t For you,” started me thinking. How many fire spou... Read More...

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Happy homecoming!

It was a crisp fall day that cooled off quickly as I joined my niece, Cary, for the Cary High School football game on a Friday night. She was named after the town we grew up in and born the year I gr... Read More...

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Safe Industries to Aquire G&G Metal Fabrication Safe Industries recently announced it has signed an agreement to acquire G&G Metal Fabrication - Fire Equipment Services (FES). “The addition of ... Read More...

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4th Annual Warren County Junior Firefighter Competition

Fire Explorer Post 672 proudly presents its 4th Annual Warren County Junior Firefighter Competition to be held April 25-26, 2014 in Warrenton, North Carolina. The competition tests teen fire... Read More...

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Safety through prevention

Each and every day departments nationwide respond to thousands of fire alarms and building fires in commercial structures. We continue to put ourselves in harms way to protect the public. But what ar... Read More...

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The volunteer to paid transition

In January 2005 my all volunteer fire department hired their first part time paid employee. This was something our board of directors and officer team worked on for over a year to develop the plan, w... Read More...


RAILROAD TRANSPORTATION: Things you need to know if you have tracks in your territory

While most emergency responders realize that we have a huge spider web of railroads crisscrossing the United States on which tons upon tons of hazardous materials are transported safely and efficient... Read More...


Taking a pre-school approach to leadership and management in the fire service

I have taken many paths simultaneously in my life and all have led me to the same place. I find it truly ironic at how closely related the many aspects of our individual life are. I am not only a Chr... Read More...

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A look back at new equipment for 2013

We have now put another year behind us and time seems to just fly by. Seems like it was just summer and now we are in the middle of winter again and it’s 2014. It will be budget time again for those ... Read More...


Dressing for the cold weather rescues

How many times have you wished it was easier to access your needed rescue gear while dressed for cold weather searches and rescues? How much easier would it be to be able to wear your normal SAR pack... Read More...

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Fire House or Frat House or something in between

There exists a fellowship, a kinship, and a bond among emergency services workers that is special and unique to the entire world. A never-ending barrage of fire and hidden embers, a parade of broken ... Read More...

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