“Know Your Smoke” Symposium

RAE Systems and Fire Smoke Coalition to Deliver South Carolina-Based  Free Training to Firefighters, EMS Personnel on the Dangers of Fire Smoke “Know Your Smoke” Symposium to deliver pre... Read More...

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Duck Tales

After four seasons on television, the A&E channel show Duck Dynasty, has quite an interesting story. First, the show has risen to the top of all cable based shows. During the 2012 premier the show ga... Read More...

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For me, there has never before been an issue that had me laughing out loud one minute and shedding tears the next. For example, you’ll want to read David Greene’s article on page 13. The scene of a p... Read More...

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Keep your people safe and spend less

You can very likely do a better job of protecting your people from dangerous gases — and you can probably get it done while spending less than you are now. It’s an important mission to accomplish. Read More...

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Hazmat Sustainability: The proper care and feeding of a hazmat team

Sustainability is broadly defined as the utilization of a resource in a manner in which the resource will not be damaged or depleted. The very concept described by the word also applies to hazardous ... Read More...

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So you want to be a hazmat research/science officer?

At hazardous materials incidents the product drives everything. Staging distances, suit selection, mitigation methods, the type of decontamination used, and public protective actions are all examples... Read More...

Relevant Tags: material, vapor, water,gasoline, pressure, degrees, vapor pressure, degrees fahrenheit, fahrenheit vapor, percent concentration, hazmat research/science, boiling point, research/science officer, flash point

HazMat Challenge 2013

The 2013 HazMat Challenge, sponsored by the N.C. Association of Hazardous Materials Responders was another huge success. We had 10 teams from nine departments across North Carolina who competed for v... Read More...

Relevant Tags: hazmat, challenge, teams, fall, objectives, responders, hazmat challenge, hazardous materials, materials responders, association hazardous, challenge 2013, bragging rights

Blurring the lines for a realistic fire service

What are ways in which you as a leader in your department can maximize your most limited resource, your membership? Today’s fire service is at a critical point. Limited budgets, shrinking volunteer n... Read More...

Relevant Tags: fire, members, service, training, fire service, emergency scene, our members, south carolina, rear quadrant

ASK ERNIE "The Apparatus Maintenance Expert"

What is the difference between a Waterous pump and a Hale pump? Differences between the three major pump manufacturers, Hale, Waterous and Darley, are the proprietary means by which they move wat... Read More...

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Heavy vehicle rescue

Summer has pretty much come to an end and the vacations are winding down. The weather will soon be less humid and cooler, making it more enjoyable to be outside. Good time to knock out some of that “... Read More...

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Maintain your professionalism

Whether or not you like it, you are being watched. You are constantly being evaluated and graded. You are being evaluated by your peers, graded by supervisors, emulated by children and scrutinized by... Read More...

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Change can happen with a vision and leadership

Nineteenth century French poet Auguste Barthelemy once said, “The absurd man is he who never changes.” Almost 200 years later, UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said, “Failure is not fatal, but failu... Read More...

Relevant Tags: fire, change, vision, leadership, department, chief, new, fire service, fire chief, emergency management, fire emergency, vision leadership

EMS Today returns to Washington, D.C.

The EMS Today Conference and Exposition, now on its 33rd year, brings together EMS professionals through high-quality continuing education, networking events, and an exhibit hall boasting the latest ... Read More...

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When Incident Command isn’t really Incident Command

We all know the process. The first unit on scene provides a size up report and establishes command. You get the responding units into level one staging — so you have a moment to think — determine you... Read More...

Relevant Tags: command and control, incident, command, control, fall, operations, first, incident command, span control, command control, incident commander, operations section

Can you wear the safety officer’s helmet?

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” — Publilius Syrus, first century B.C. You’re the department safety officer. How accurate is your current job description? It most likely contain... Read More...

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