2013-2014 Cohort for UNC Charlotte EMS Management Institute

The 2013-2014 cohort for UNC Charlotte's EMS Management Institute will begin October 23, 2013 and early registration discounts end on October 9, 2013. Read More...

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Returning to the foundations: Fire hose

Since a lot of what we do deals with water as the main medium for fire attack, delivery of said water to the combustion process involves hose of different kinds for different applications involving m... Read More...

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How to read the architectural plans

(Note: This is part three of a multi-issue topic.) Six months ago I promised we would be talking about how to read building plans, specifically, building plans for firehouses. We are finally the... Read More...

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Applying for insurance: what to expect

When you are applying for insurance, education and preparation are key. If you know what to expect, you will be better prepared for the underwriting process. Read More...

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Navassa chief shares building experience

Chief Donny Williams and the Navassa Volunteer Fire Department located in Brunswick County, N.C., recently went through the process of building a new station. Chief Williams offered to share his expe... Read More...

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Emergency incident rehab

(This is part two of a two-part series on incident rehab.) The information in this article is provided so that a comprehensive rehabilitation program can be established and implemented BEFORE so... Read More...

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The 5 love languages

Those long shifts can make it hard to show our special someone just how much we love them, or even for them to show us just how much they love us. We must learn the right love language. Do you know t... Read More...

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Happy, healthy, wealthy and wise

Who doesn’t want to be happy? After all, the pursuit of happiness is one of our inalienable constitutional rights. But the more diligently you pursue happiness, the more it can elude you — sort of li... Read More...

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Critical Incident Stress Management Rescuing the rescuer

After more than two decades, firefighter Lieutenant Charlie Robertson still thinks about the holiday fire where eight children died in a three-family structure. He also recalls the accident in which ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: WELLNESS, incident, stress, critical, emergency, critical incident, incident stress, emergency services, stress management, services personnel, mental health, stress reaction, stress disorder, critical incidents

Fire Station Profile - Tega Cay Fire Department

Tega Cay Fire Department Type Department: Combination Number of Stations: 1 Do you provide EMS? No Specialty Operations: Rescue and Extrication , HazMat Containment , Water and Dive Rescu... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire Station Profile, ems, profile, summer, rescue, fire station, station profile, tega cay, fire department, hazmat containment, extrication hazmat, operations rescue

Fire Station Profile - New Bern Fire-Rescue

New Bern Fire-Rescue Type Department: Combination – The oldest chartered fire department in the state of North Carolina Number of Stations: 3 Do you provide EMS? Yes, BLS Specialty Oper... Read More...

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Tim Bradley receives Martin E. Grimes Award

Tim Bradley from the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission has been awarded the Martin E. Grimes Award by IFSAC at their spring meeting in Oklahoma City. This award is considered one of the most ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: service, award, accreditation, bradley, ifsac, national, fire service, martin grimes, grimes award, professional qualifications, tim bradley, certification accreditation

SAFRE BBQ Throwdown

The NCSFA is excited about a new event for the South Atlantic FIRE RESCUE Expo for 2013: The BBQ Throwdown! Read More...

Relevant Tags: FAMILY FUN, bbq, fire, summer, rescue, bbq throwdown, fire rescue, south atlantic, rescue expo

60 miles of fun and sun at Myrtle Beach

With that first step onto the warm sand, that first view of the sparkling Atlantic and that first ocean breeze, visitors feel at home in the beautiful Myrtle Beach area. Exuding Southern hospitality,... Read More...

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Bereavement uniform program

Every once in awhile, a program comes down the pike that is a “win-win” and makes a lot of sense. I have been able to look at Lighthouse Uniform Company’s Bereavement Uniform Program and believe this... Read More...

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