Understanding the architectural plans

(Note: This is part two of a multi-issue topic.) Last issue I spoke about programming and specifications to build a firehouse. This issue’s topic is the plans themselves. I am a firm believer in... Read More...

Relevant Tags: THE STATION HOUSE, electrical, plumbing electrical, station house, architectural plans, understanding architectural

Don’t be fooled when selecting your fire hose

A vital element of a water delivery system, which cannot be overlooked, is the hose you select. Modern fire hose has improved tremendously. Therefore, many of “the rules” such as tip size in relation... Read More...

Relevant Tags: hose, fire, water, friction, fire hose, friction loss, hose friction, delivery system

Sprinklers, fuels, Albert Einstein and Bob Dylan

I write this quarter with a heavy heart. On January 27, 2013, a fire occurred at the Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil. Tragically, 236 people were killed as a result of the fire. The fire cause ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: ignition, building, bob dylan, soundproofing foam, rhode island, albert einstein

The Globally Harmonized System What does it mean to me as a Hazardous Materials/Emergency Responder?

The mere mention of the term “Globally Harmonized System” probably conjures up images of new age philosophy or persons sitting in a circle playing drums when mentioned in the company of hazardous mat... Read More...

Relevant Tags: SIXTY ONE DELTA ONE, hazard, ghs, hazardous, responders, safety, labels, hcs, harmonized system, revised hcs, hazardous materials, globally harmonized, revised hcs/ghs, safety data, hazard pictograms, data sheets, hazard categories

Mass violence incident operations

Threats With the recent mass shooting/active shooter incidents it is important that first responders and planners are aware of these incidents and how to respond to them. Regardless of where you... Read More...

Relevant Tags: COMMAND AND CONTROL, incident, fire, command, scene, ems, incidents, law enforcement, fire ems, command control, unified command, first responders, life safety, firefighter life, violence incident

50 shades of red

Well boys and girls we are going to pick up where we left off on the last article — being an engineer. This was a request from one of my friends from Carolina Trace Fire Dept. We briefly discussed th... Read More...

Relevant Tags: ALL ABOUT TRUCKS, fire, water, fire ground, shades red, willie wimmer

An introduction to winch operations

The winch is probably the most common machine used in rigging today. The winch theory is used throughout most cities with traction elevators, on tow trucks, at construction sites, shipping yards and ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: ALL ABOUT TRUCKS, winch, rope, wire, fire, operations, safety, drum, wire rope, winch operations, snatch block, fire service

Give opportunities to your crew

Spring is in the air and baseball season is upon us. Talking about sports, a fatal mistake for a coach to make is to misjudge the playing level of his players. Pro basketball player Jeremy Lin comes ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: fire, job, direction, coach, rescue, support system, emergency responders, wayne bailey

Site considerations for new and expanding emergency facilities

No matter if a fire department or EMS unit is all volunteers, all paid or a combination, population growth throughout the Southeast has placed increased demand on all emergency service providers. Ove... Read More...

Relevant Tags: THE STATION HOUSE, site, new, system, property, building, road system, site selection, service providers, emergency facilities, site considerations, station house, design build

Overhauling a training program: changing everything

A training program that is not comprehensive, effective and/or efficient must be changed! When you consider how events have impacted our operations in recent years, we as the fire service have taken ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: fire, training, service, safety, fire service, training program, overhauling training, life safety, safety initiatives, hazardous materials

Preventing heat-related, heat-stress injuries

Firefighters, hazmat professionals and emergency services personnel in heavy gear are no strangers to the risk of heat-related injuries. Emergency responders are constantly exposed to the dangers of ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: HEAT STRESS PREVENTION, heat, conditions, environmental, temperature, stress, injuries, wbgt, emergency, heat stress, environmental conditions, wet bulb, monitoring environmental, stress prevention, temperature humidity

Emergency incident rehab

(This is part one of a two-part series on incident rehab.) Fire fighting requires the same precautions as any sporting event or high-intensity, high-stress activity. This is true in both cold an... Read More...

Relevant Tags: fire, heat, body, emergency, fire departments, blood flow, heat stress, ems innovations, safety health, fire fighting, incident rehab, cold stress, hospital emergency

How important is maintenance and testing of ground ladders and fire hose?

This article will explain the importance of testing ground ladders and fire hose to the NFPA Standards. This article will cover some of NFPA 1932 and NFPA 19 minimum requirements for establishing an ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: ALL ABOUT TRUCKS, hose, fire, testing, use, nfpa, ladders, inspection, fire hose, ground ladders, hose couplings, fire department, couplings nozzles, nozzles appliances, nfpa 1962, service testing

Fire Station Profile York Fire Department

Station York Fire Department Type Department: Combination Number of Stations: 1 Do you provide EMS? Yes, BLS only. Specialty Operations: Extrication and Rescue. Annual Budget: $74... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire Station Profile, fire, station, department, ems, profile, fire station, station profile, fire department, operations extrication, extrication rescue

Medical research made easy

There can be little doubt that evidence based medicine is here to stay. EMS has seen a number of treatments and gadgets added to its bag of tricks in the past decade or so thanks to this concept. Con... Read More...

Relevant Tags: EMS 2013, research, ems, paper, medical, basic, medical research, ems providers, clinical research, research paper, secondary research, epidemiological research, basic research, evidence based, ems provider

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