B-FIT prepares the mind and body

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College partnered with city and county fire departments and the NC Department of Insurance to create B-FIT: Basic Firefighter Indoctrination Training, an intens... Read More...

Relevant Tags: training, academy, fit, firefighter, emergency, test, hose, physical, fire academy, agility test, scoring based, community college, fire service, reading comprehension, prepares mind

Silo fires A fire, high angle, hazmat and confined space call ... in a can!

On August 27, 1985, three firefighters were killed as a result of an explosion that occurred at an oxygen-limiting silo. On April 11, 2010, another firefighter was killed during a silo explosion that... Read More...

Relevant Tags: silo, fire, oxygen, conventional silos, silo fires, confined space, prevention efforts

Interoperability: how well do we work together?

The need for improved communication among public safety agencies continues to be an important issue in the post 9/11 era. Interoperability or a lack thereof came to light during the responses to the ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: COMMUNICATIONS, interoperability, agencies, communications, safety, communication, incidents, public, work together, public safety, safety agencies, large scale, training planning, responder safety, emergency responders

Robinson Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.

Station Robinson Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc. Type Department: Combination Number of Stations: 1 Do you provide EMS? Yes, first responder BLS Any Specialty Operations? Yes, NC Sta... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire Station Profile, fire, rescue, ems, volunteer, chief, fire rescue, robinson volunteer, fire station, station profile, first responder

Are you a Breakaway Leader?

Many times throughout my career and formal education, I have heard of and seen many visual images used to help inspire and lead those atop organizations. Please indulge me during this article as I us... Read More...

Relevant Tags: training, service, education, fire service, status quo, general moore, breathing apparatus, education training, self contained, breakaway leader

Why are junior firefighters important?

Junior Firefighter Programs Recently I had a chance to spend some time with a friend of mine, James Boyette; who is an officer with the Rosewood Fire Dept. in Wayne County, N.C. The main topic o... Read More...

Relevant Tags: junior, firefighter, training, firefighter program, junior firefighters, volunteer fire, fire service, fire departments

Heavy vehicle rescue

We talked about the statistics of trucks and buses on the highway and the crashes as they pertain to the drivers, road conditions and other factors that contribute to these crashes. We also looked at... Read More...

Relevant Tags: EXTRICATION EDUCATION, trucks, concrete, rescue, crashes, specialty trucks, heavy vehicle, vehicle rescue, concrete truck, extrication education

But, there is not a standard for that!

Recently, while discussing training standards in North Carolina with members of a rescue association, the topic centered on all of the “rescue standards” available to both paid and volunteer rescuers... Read More...

Relevant Tags: RESCUE A-Z, rescue, training, standards, team, training standards, north carolina

Structural tower rescue

(This is part three of a three part series on structural tower rescue.) Last issue we focused our discussion on structural tower management to include tower related emergencies and medical consi... Read More...

Relevant Tags: RESCUE A-Z, tower, rescue, victim, rescuer, team, structural, ground based, structural tower, tower rescue, rescue team

How important is maintenance and testing of apparatus and equipment?

This article will begin a series on the importance of testing apparatus and equipment to the various NFPA Standards. This article will cover some of NFPA 1911 and the ones to follow will discuss the ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: ALL ABOUT TRUCKS, apparatus, maintenance, nfpa, testing, service, inspection, equipment, fire apparatus, preventative maintenance, maintenance testing, fire department, nfpa 1911, maintenance program

What defines an ‘engineer’?

I have never been one to sugar coat or even try to make the things I need to say a little more easy to the ears and I am sure not going to start now. I have been in the fire service and in the fire a... Read More...

Relevant Tags: ALL ABOUT TRUCKS, engineer, apparatus, fire service, fire ground


Code 3 Introduces the Defender TC2 Code 3®, Inc. Enhances the Defender TC2 MultiColor Lightbar! The new Defender TC2 maintains the same great intense brightness and off-angle signal that th... Read More...

Relevant Tags: INDUSTRY NEWS, fire, defender, news, lighthead, industry news, defender tc2, dual color, skid units, fire science, embry riddle, national fire, fire emergency, emergency services

Talking about that 5 letter word

Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the first column of “Lessons learned on the home front.” I am sure this stirred memories of those “seasoned” couples. Everyone has a story, even the newest couple of th... Read More...

Relevant Tags: THE HOMEFRONT, department, winter, significant other, dangerous career

Firehouse Menu

White Chili  1 onion chopped  1 small can green chilies or 2-3 fresh green chilies  3-4 cloves of garlic minced Cook this until tender in 2-3 Tbl Olive Oil  Add 2 cups medium to... Read More...

Relevant Tags: fire, winter, safety, ems, rescue, issue, green chilies, firehouse menu, creole seasoning, fire training

Rooted IN relationship

Relationships are the single most influential factor determining personal and professional success. They are the core of our connection to the universe, and instrumental to emergency responders’ capa... Read More...

Relevant Tags: THE HOMEFRONT, relationships, professional, rooted relationship, first responders, individuals organizations

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