Daily Incident Log - 6/7/2012 North Carolina and South Carolina Fire Incidents

NORTH CAROLINA INCIDENT LOG One dead in New Bern apartment fire at assisted living facility A New Bern man in his 60s is dead after a fire Wednesday night at Brunswick House assisted li... Read More...

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RAE Systems and Fire Smoke Coalition to Provide Training For North Carolina Emergency Responders

Indianapolis, IN – March 15, 2012 – RAE Systems Inc., a leading provider of toxic gas monitoring systems , is combining with the Fire Smoke Coalition to deliver the “Know Your Smoke” Symposium for ... Read More...

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NCSFA (Piedmont Region) Announces Focus Group Meeting

The North Carolina State Firemen’s Association (NCSFA) is coordinating with the Piedmont Association to hold three focus group meetings in the Piedmont region. The purpose of the focus group meetings ... Read More...

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Eastern Carolina Firefighters Association Scholarship Opportunities

The Eastern Carolina Firefighters Association is pleased to announce the application period for the 2012 scholarship awards. As you are aware, the cost of education has increased in recent years. The ... Read More...

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Associations announce co-location of 2012 South Carolina Fire Conference

The S.C. State Firefighters’ Association and the S.C. State Association of Fire Chiefs have announced, during the 2011 S.C. Fire Chief’s Conference in Anderson, the intended co-location of conferences... Read More...

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HAZMAT - Meeting the ‘Toxic Twins’ CO and HCN

Hypoxia, asphyxia, cardiac arrest, and then death. Hopefully, I have your attention. Modern technology has changed the way we fight fires, and the ways fire burn. Due to the chemical make-up of manuf... Read More...

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ASK ERNIE: The Pros & Cons of Adding Zincs Apparatus Maintenance Q & A

What are the pros and cons of adding zincs to my apparatus and why aren’t they installed from the factory? Sacrificial anodes are a long established corrective measure to slow or eliminate galva... Read More...

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Identity Theft: Prevent losing yourself

When my children were very young, our family was on vacation at the beach with friends. My friend’s youngest child Luke was busy at the water’s edge, happily jumping waves and chasing a beach ball. I... Read More...

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Building or renovating your fire station - what does it cost?

Most fire departments ask two questions when circumstances require that they either build a new station or renovate and/or build an addition to their existing facility. Those questions are, “What does... Read More...

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So, you’re being sued — where is your documentation

As part of my job duties I am required to travel across South Carolina and visit fire departments, EMS and rescue organizations — from the mountains to the sea —from the largest departments having al... Read More...

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Doing more with less in volunteer fire departments

It seems to me we are hearing a lot about the career fire departments that are dealing with budget cuts and having to deal with less. However, not a lot of publicity about the volunteer fire departmen... Read More...

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Fire service technology — friend or foe?

As I write this column I sit at my desk wondering what technology will exist in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years? Over the last two decades the world has seen a tremendous change in the way we live o... Read More...

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Are you the weakest link in IMS?

“Incident Management Systems don’t work.” The words still rang in my ears as I felt my face become flushed and emotion begin to build in my chest. While attending a recent class, one of my classmates... Read More...

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Raleigh Fire Department celebrates Centennial

This year the Raleigh Fire Department celebrates a milestone: their 100th anniversary as a career fire department. Special events are planned including a downtown birthday party on June 9, 2012. Nort... Read More...

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Extrication Education - Watch for airbag smart systems

As I write this column we are celebrating Veteran’s Day. We should honor our Veterans every day for the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms. Those that have gone before and laid down their live... Read More...

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