UNC Charlotte graduates over 50 students from EMS Management and Fire & Rescue Management Institutes

Charlotte, NC - Fifty-eight front line supervisors, training officers, mid-level managers, head administrators, and aspiring leaders from the fire service and EMS fields joined UNC Charlotte’s growi... Read More...

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Fire News: Receive College Credit for Your Fire Service Certifications or Pro Board Certifications

Do you want to receive college credit for fire service certifications you already have? The University of Memphis recently revised its list of pre-approved courses/certifications that allow students ... Read More...

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The new ‘traditional’ method of fire station construction

Suppose through growth in your fire district, or ISO requirements, you have the need to renovate or add to your existing station, or even construct a new fire station. This can be a daunting task and ... Read More...

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Developing your RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) plan

By now, most firefighters worldwide are familiar with rapid intervention teams (RIT) and I hope that many departments are finding ways to staff them on the fireground. No doubt we have all been playin... Read More...

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North American Automotive Extrication Championship - Fire & Rescue

Crushed cars, extrication tools, cribbing, time on the clock ticking away and anticipation of a winning effort drove 17 automotive extrication teams from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada and the Uni... Read More...

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Shouldn’t you be building intelligence? - Pre-emergency planning for fire & rescue

Almost every community currently has buildings that firefighters and fire officers drive by and ask themselves, “I hope we never have a fire in that place.” If you haven’t thought about it, you might ... Read More...

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Nash County NC firefighters and EMS star in rescue movie

Shortly after 8 a.m. on May 16, 2011, firefighters from Rocky Mount, Nashville, Coopers Fire Companies, along with Nash County EMS units responded to a Train/Vehicle Collision on the railroad tracks ... Read More...

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America’s female firefighters make a difference

America’s Female Firefighters rush into burning buildings to help those who need it, but they continue to bring aid to burn survivors long after the fire is out. The non-profit 501(c)3 Florida based ... Read More...

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World Challenge XX returns to Myrtle Beach - Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge

Myrtle Beach will once again play host to the “Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge World Challenge.” The Challenge will take place Nov. 14-19, 2011 at Broadway at the Beach. Known as the “toughest ... Read More...

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Camping tips for your family get-a-way

The summer season and camping really do go hand in hand. Not only is the weather sunny and warm, but logistically the opportunity often arises for an extended trip. The kids are off of school, vacati... Read More...

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Cognitive Bias and Group Think in the Fire Service The real threats to good decision making

Like all humans, firefighters are limited in their ability to consistently orchestrate complex operations. If we truly are interested, as an industry, in significantly reducing firefighter injuries an... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Education And Training, decision, expedition, firefighters, decision making, sunk costs, recency effect, expedition leaders, rapid intervention, fire service, cognitive bias, making decisions

Practice makes perfect - Medical Simulations for EMS

“Practice makes perfect.” It’s something we all learned in childhood. Who can forget sitting on a piano bench and hearing mom say, “If you want to get better, you’ll have to practice your music scales... Read More...

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The instructor’s 7 deadly sins - tips for fire, rescue, EMS instructors

Have you ever been sitting in a class staring at your watch and the only thing you can think of is, “when is this going to be over?” or “just give the test so I can go home.” I think we all have. Beli... Read More...

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Fire stations: looking to save the ‘Benjamins’

Due to the economic and political landscape, most fire departments are seeking ways to save money — hopefully without sacrificing service. Whether for new or existing stations, there are often overlo... Read More...

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Leadership in the fire service - To lead tomorrow, learn today

Becoming a leader is like making a sound investment. What actions you take today will impact the results tomorrow. Leadership by definition is the position or function of a leader. What matters the mo... Read More...

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