Delorme’s new system

I had the opportunity to attend FDIC this year and was also at the Myrtle Beach Fire Show as well. This gave me the chance to look at more equipment to bring back for evaluation. Several manufacturer... Read More...

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Going Green and Extinguishing Fires

Our mission at Fire Service Plus, Inc. is committed to saving lives, property and protecting the environment by manufacturing the most environmentally friendly firefighting agents in the world employ... Read More...

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Be Chemical Spill Ready

The SpillKleen ® Chemical Spill Kit, is a convenient laboratory spill kit with everything the emergency responder, EH&S professional, or employee who routinely uses chemicals, needs to neutralize, a... Read More...

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Less Risk = Less Liability

ClearCollar ™ allows first responders, doctors and nurses in the field to assess injuries without removing the cervical collar, reducing the risk of undetected injuries. Post-trauma, changes in... Read More...

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