SC Firefighters Association Conference was held in Myrtle Beach

The South Carolina State Firefighters' Association is proud to present the 106th Annual SC Fire-Rescue Conference!  The conference was held June 8 - 11 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.   Read More...

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North Carolina Instructor of the Year Award Goes to Hickory Fire Captain

On May 5th in Asheville, Hickory Fire Captain Todd Shoebridge was chosen as the North Carolina Fire Instructor of the Year.  Representatives from the North Carolina Society of Fire Service Instructors... Read More...

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Help Volunteer Firefighters affected by Missouri tornado

A devastating tornado hit Missouri over the weekend, drawing more than 1,500 police and firefighters from four states to search for survivors in the wreckage. This is the latest disaster to hit the U.... Read More...

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North Carolina firefighters honor two fallen heroes

On May 7, 2011  Firefighters from all over North Carolina attended The Sixth Annual North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service in downtown Raleigh. The event started with a large parade of f... Read More...

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Through the Lock

In a previous issue we discussed the use of the irons for conventional forcible entry. This article will talk about the very under used and very misunderstood technique of “Through the Lock.” Thr... Read More...

Relevant Tags: FORCIBLE ENTRY, lock, tool, door, glass, kerry tool, lock out, rex tool, lock cylinder

Extrication: strategies in training

I hope everyone has survived the winter. The weather is starting to warm up and that means folks will be ready to jump in and start training again. I can’t emphasize how important training can be. We ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: EXTRICATION EDUCATION, training, extrication, extrication strategies

The almighty pen: liability and patient refusals

“EMS told us ... that she was not sick enough to transport and they would just take her to triage, and it was cheaper for us to take her by car,” was one of the quotes from a family member after a cr... Read More...

Relevant Tags: The almighty pen, patient, ems, ems providers, refuse care, medical direction, almighty pen, family member, emergency department

Your NFPA physical program: After the testing, now what?

(This is part three of a three-part series on health for first responders.) So you’ve chosen a vendor, laid the groundwork with your firefighters, and survived the testing day. Now what? In this... Read More...

Relevant Tags: YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS, medical, physician, testing, information, clearance issues, medical provider, primary care, blood pressure, abnormal ekg

Building construction: How it effects your firefighting

With the renewed emphasis on topics of fire behavior and building construction, realizing what makes up the environment we work in is — and has always been — important to firefighter safety. Recognit... Read More...

Relevant Tags: fire, construction, buildings, structural, building construction, heavy timber, load bearing, wood frame, fire resistance, type iii

Apparatus safety — Driver or mechanic?

One of the line of duty deaths of 2009 that should have served as a wake up call for some fire departments around our country, was the January 9, 2009 death of Boston Fire Department Lt. Kevin Kelley... Read More...

Relevant Tags: rig, driver, safety, fire apparatus, fire department, driver mechanic, boston fire, tread depth

Highway to Hell. Are you on it?

“No stop signs, speed limit; Nobody’s gonna slow me down. Like a wheel, gonna spin it; Nobody’s gonna mess me round.” Lyrics from AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” Read More...

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Applying CISD rules to social networking

Many of us are familiar with the concept of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD). As CISD has fallen out of popularity, I wonder if many firefighters and EMTs are using social networking more an... Read More...

Relevant Tags: cisd, social, comments, networking, facebook, social networking, cisd meetings, applying cisd, cisd rules

Tradition versus failure

The fire service is deeply enriched by tradition. In fact the fire service prides itself on tradition. The question though, is does this deep seated tradition cause us to fail sometimes. Read More...

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Evolution of trauma response education

It is 38 degrees outside. Roads are slightly wet. You are dispatched to a motor vehicle accident in a remote area of town, at the intersection of Smith road and Country road at three in the morning. Y... Read More...

Relevant Tags: trauma, training, simulation, providers, patient, trauma care, simulation based, life support, ems providers, advanced trauma

Old Barns

One of the givens about living on a farm is that you always had a barn. We had a wide range of farm buildings on our small tobacco and cattle farm. We had over eight different buildings including a s... Read More...

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