CFJ Vol. 26.2 (Fall 2011)


One of my favorite things is to hear from our readers, or from those in fire rescue EMS across the U.S. I got a call from Chief Larry Phillips from North Dakota the other day. I was wondering about the purpose of his call, and when I finally spoke with him it was a funny story. Chief Phillips told me that he had ordered some Matchbox Fire Engines off eBay and when he received them they were wrapped in pages from the Carolina Fire Journal. He has a publication for the North Dakota Fire Chiefs, “Northwest Region Fire Rescue,” and he says he’s always interested in other similar magazines and this may be the most unusual way he has discovered a new publication. Read More »

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Over 10 years ago an event took place that changed the whole attitude of not just a country, but a world. Homicide terrorists targeted innocent people in an attempt to prove a point. Three hundred and forty-three brave men and women of FDNY answered that attempt, along with members of the NY Transit Police, NYPD and NY City EMS, paying with their lives.

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LESSONS LEARNED: Homeland Security

The report of a suspicious package these days has become the fire services new general fire alarm. Like a fire alarm the suspicious package is a false call 99 percent of the time, yet we tend to respond to both of them as if they are false 100 percent of the time. Ten or 15 years ago the suspicious package, if even responded by anyone other that law enforcement was a low frequency call. Unfortunately these days with the concerns of terrorism, this call has become a high frequency call, and for a good reason. Read More »

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HAZMAT: Decontamination - cleaning up

Whenever hazmat responders discuss the most exciting and interesting facets of the hazmat response world, decontamination is usually not at the top of the list. Decontamination is, however, an essential and technical part of the entire hazmat response that may not appear to be as glamorous as entering the hot zone, but is as vital to the safety and well-being of Entry Group personnel as any other action performed on scene. In reality, Decontamination Group personnel oftentimes spend longer periods of time “suited up” in their personal protective equipment (PPE) than Entry Group personnel, and perform true manual labor work. Read More »

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HAZMAT Explosions: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

A series of explosions occurred in Henderson, Nevada (a Las Vegas suburb) on May 4, 1988. The explosions virtually destroyed two industrial facilities, cracked windows and buffeted a Boeing 737 on final approach at McCarran International Airport seven miles away, and damage extended for a radius of up to 10 miles away. The explosions were registered on the Richter scale at an observatory in California, left a crater 15 feet deep and 200 feet long, and the resulting fire produced smoke that rose to an altitude of several thousand feet. — visible almost 100 miles away. After reading our case study for this issue (United States Fire Administration Technical Report Series), this author has come to terms with why the first United Nations/North American (UN/NA) Hazard Classification is Explosives. Read More »

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Where are we going as volunteers in the fire service?

Earlier this year about 125 leaders of volunteer and combination fire departments were asked to come to Washington, D.C. to put together a blueprint for the future of volunteers in the fire service. The ultimate goal of the summit is to examine the challenges faced by our fire departments manned by volunteer or part-time firefighters and help develop a long term plan to carry the volunteer and combination fire service into the future.

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Fire service leadership

(This is the first of a multi-part series on leadership.)

Ripples in the water

As a child, my grandfather used to take me fishing at a pond near his house. I remember well how he sat on the bank and shared his knowledge of baiting hooks, tying the perfect fisherman’s knot and where to cast. He knew then that these trips would serve as lessons not only in fishing but of life in general.

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(This is part one of a two-part series.)

What are the differences in fire behavior and control between structural and wildland fires? What are a few possible misconceptions some of you may have? The purpose of this article is to pass on a few facts and suggestions that you might find useful. I did call on a number of folks that are much more knowledgeable about the brushfire capabilities of VFDs and RFDs than I am, but the following is my assessment and I take full responsibility for what I say. I welcome any feedback, both positive and negative, and will try to answer any wildland fire questions you might have. I begin with some general comments and break the remainder into four broad wildland fire topics:

  • Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)
  • Fire behavior,
  • Fire suppression,
  • Training.
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Alternative apparatus purchasing

During this economic down turn the fire service is being forced to keep apparatus longer due to budget cuts. Fire apparatus are expected to remain in service for 20 plus years, this is causing fire departments to keep vehicles that are marginal or unsafe in service. 

Today with the rapid changes in technology, improved safety features and the demands on fire department apparatus, the 20 plus years replacement program is not in the best interest of the fire department.

National statistics show that after 10 years fire apparatus have mechanical problems more often and cost more money to repair and keep in service than units under 10 years of age.

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EMS: Compassion - Do you have it?

Compassion. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines compassion as “sympathetic consciousness of other’s distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” One would think that those working in emergency medical services would have compassion. That being said often times I have to wonder.

I think we must start early on. Why did we get in to working or volunteering in EMS? I think back and for me it was a way to assist those in need even more than just being able to put out fires and such. EMS came through the way of the fire service for me. I am sure that each of you has your own special and unique story as to why you got into EMS. Read More »

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ASK ERNIE: Mechanical Seals, Pump Packing & More

What is the difference in mechanical seals and pump packing? Pros and cons of each?

Prior to mechanical seals, every pump had a mechanical seal of some style. Early centrifugal and positive displacement pumps had a rope style packing with a grease fitting of one of may types to keep the packing lubed and resilient. Today, we have a pump packing of newer and more resilient composites that require no lubrication.

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EMS Challenges of bariatric patients - Part 2

(This is part two of a two-part series on bariatric patients. To read part 1, click here.)

The obesity epidemic is hard to miss for those working in the health care profession; it is evident every day we work. Not only does obesity place the patient at increased risk of numerous diseases but healthcare providers face many additional challenges in evaluating and caring for these patients in the prehospital and in-hospital settings. This two part article discuss issues related to the bariatric patient and especially those issues facing prehospital professional who care for them. In part II we discuss issues related to the access, immobilization, treatment, and transport of obese patients.

Patient Access

As most EMS providers are well aware, the initial challenge for treating a patient is getting to them. EMS personnel are tasked with retrieving patients from wherever they are and whatever predicament they have encountered. This includes remote locations, crushed vehicles, and a vast array of difficult residential situations. Some of these situations are especially difficult when an obese patient is involved. One example is vehicle extrication.

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The dollars and sense of medical simulations

In the first article of this four-part series on medical simulation and gaming, I encouraged you to consider using innovation when educating your first responder staff members. The best way for educators to convey information and have students retain that information is to make learning fun, interesting and interactive. With the rise of technology has come the rise of technology-based educational programs, and there is an ever-increasing demand for programs that allow the student to learn on their own time, complete their coursework, have fun and be able to immediately apply what they’ve learned. More and more people are asking for flexible educational programs allowing them to work, attend school and take care of family simultaneously. And with small budgets and unique learning needs, education has to be offered in a creative way. Read More »

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“Many times you hear stories that make you think,” a friend from Kentucky recently told me. After some discussion, he detailed how he works with clients in his real estate business to get a better idea of exactly what they want in a home. He obviously wants to make his clients happy. He said often people don’t have a clear or precise idea of what they want in a house. His approach has been to gently encourage them “towards the barn” first by asking questions to narrow down what they wished for, as well as what they actually want. He asks some key questions like:

  • What features do you want in the home?
  • What is your vision of your home?
  • What makes you feel good about your home?
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‘Then and Now’ — Safety in today’s fire service

When I started in the fire service 30 years ago, we were riding the tail board of the trucks, had SCBA’s (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), in plastic boxes on the side, or in the compartments of the truck, wore three quarter length day boots and the old “dog bed” lining long turn out coats.

We have come a long way since then. We didn’t run medical calls, do hazardous materials, confined space, swift water, high angle or any other rescue. We ran the occasional traffic accident, but our time at the fire house was much slower paced than it is today.

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Should we review the ISO rating system?

The strongest factors that affect our high standards in the fire services are tradition and pride in our work. However, tradition and pride do not guarantee that we are improving the vital services we provide to the public. Although our tradition of high standards is seen in the way we treat our equipment and train new firefighters, it is difficult to know, with any certainty, whether or not we are improving as organizations. This is why we rely on one formal measure, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) — Public Protection Classification (PPC), to assess our performance.

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Survival in the wild

As I start to write this article, I experienced what most folks around here have never experienced, the earth trembling from an earthquake out of Virginia. This was the second earthquake I have experienced, the other one was in 1967, when I was living in Richmond, Va. It is very rare to experience an earthquake on the east coast, but it just proves that anything is possible in the world we live in. I am also keenly watching Hurricane Irene as it moves up from the Bahamas and begins to head our way.

Last issue one of the things I evaluated and talked about was the water purifier from SteriPen. I used this UV light system while I was doing jungle survival training in Costa Rica. Well, there were several other items I was able to evaluate while I was there. Several years back I evaluated and wrote about a pack by Coaxsher. The pack was originally designed for wildland firefighting, but they now have an excellent search and rescue pack. 

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Rescues and recoveries on waterfalls

Rescuing a seriously injured fall victim, or worse, recovering a fatality in a waterfall setting is likely one of the most technically challenging rescues a rescuer will ever perform. If the victim has fallen and is caught in a crevasse, or is on a rock outcropping or in light blush on the face of the waterfall, without having fallen all the way to the bottom, the logistical challenges and technical skills needed to accomplish such a rescue — also used here for a body recovery — will call upon all the rope and rigging training you have ever learned.

Annually, we receive between two to four such calls in Transylvania County, with surrounding counties receiving their fair share of similar calls as well. It would seem that some people simply do NOT understand the extreme dangers associated with waterfalls.

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37th annual Piedmont Fire Expo: Low cost hands-on training and education

The 37th annual Piedmont Fire Expo, scheduled for Jan. 13–14, 2012, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, will feature low-cost training opportunities for fire and rescue personnel across the southeast.

The annual event has one of the largest displays of new equipment and other offerings in the region and attracts emergency personnel throughout North and South Carolina, and surrounding states. The Piedmont Fire Expo is the annual fundraiser for the Forsyth County Fire and Rescue Association and the organization has kept entry fees at a nominal fee of $5 for the last four years.

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New resources for fire and arson investigators

I’m glad to be back in the Carolina Fire-Rescue-EMS Journal. After being away for several issues, I have some interesting ideas to pass along for fire and arson investigators in the Carolinas.

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Returning to the foundations — ventilation during a fire

If we as humans give the chemical process of combustion human-like characteristics, we find that the process uses solids, liquids and gases as fuel and oxidizers combined with a heat component in the right combinations — it eats, drinks and breathes just as we consume solids or liquids and breathe. If we apply those concepts within a compartment — room or structure — the same results happens to combustion as would to us under water — a limit of the available oxygen needed to sustain the living process — the air within our lungs vs. the air available within the enclosure. Read More »

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Thieves among us - embezzlement in emergency service organizations

Typically, embezzlement is associated with banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. Embezzlement strikes businesses of all types and sizes including not-for-profit organizations. Each year trusted people embezzle from churches, schools, clubs and civic associations. Read More »

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Working with air bags during extrication

As I write this column, I have come to realize that not only with age comes wisdom and experience, but sometimes the sadness of losing friends that we have known and trained with for some time. Over the years I have seen some of my fellow rescuers leave this life of either old age, disease, or sudden illness, as well as one of my own members that committed suicide. A realization that Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is something we should make use of when there are stresses in our lives, or the lives of our members. Calls can be extremely stressful and we have to deal with that stress. But that is another article all together. Read More »

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Being born again — are you on the fire department?

Sept. 11, 2001 ... I was on my way to attend a 12 Lead EKG class about 40 minutes from my home. Ten minutes into the trip, it happened. You all know what “it” is. Most likely you know where you were and what you did.

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Preparing for industrial rescue incidents

When was the last time your department trained with high pressure airbags? Most departments will probably say several times a year, assuming you have that equipment. Now, when was the last time your department conducted training with those same airbags and a forklift? If we are honest, many of us will probably say seldom or never. With so many different responsibilities in the fire service, sometimes it’s difficult to cover all aspects of potential emergencies.

When our department was given the opportunity to use a forklift in training we knew it would be a great experience for our members to train in a low occurrence/high priority situation. The drill took place during safety week at a local manufacturing facility.

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Fire Stations: The construction contingency allowance

Webster’s Dictionary defines “contingency” as “a possible or unplanned event.” That definition provides apt expectation regarding the Construction Contingency Allowance (CCA). The CCA is a predetermined sum of money designated for a yet to be determined issue that can change the scope of the work during the actual construction of a project. It has been stated often that construction is more an art than a science. Therefore it is impossible to know in advance every issue or challenge that will be encountered once “dirt is turned.” The guarantee that you have before beginning construction is that you will discover unplanned items during the process. Read More »

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Fire Stations: Getting the most bang for the buck

Choosing the lowest cost in a competitive market sometimes equates to harvesting the first whitetail that comes along. If you only had the opportunity to harvest one buck in a lifetime, would you be selective about when and where you spend your time hunting, or would any tree stand suffice. Would it be important to understand patterns of whitetail before you head out into the great unknown?

Getting the most bang for your buck is not always what it seems. Watch the Outdoor Channel, and you’ll believe there is a trophy buck that mysteriously appears every time. They make it look easy; therefore everyone can do it. What they’re not showing is all the time spent preparing for their 15 seconds of fame. Read More »

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Don’t be a turkey - Fire safety at Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, many turkey fryers will come out of storage in preparation for the traditional holiday meal. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking equipment is the leading cause of home structure fires and associated civilian injuries and the third leading cause of home fire deaths. 

The propane fryer method, which has become increasing popular in recent years, requires placing the turkey in three or more gallons of oil, heated by propane. Because of the dangers frequently associated with the devices, the National Fire Protection Association has urged consumers not to utilize these types of fryers. Also, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., an independent product safety testing organization, has decided not to certify, with their UL mark, any turkey fryer. Read More »

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Wake Burn Center and ABA Southern Region BBQ Cookoff

The WFBMC Burn Center is the host for this year’s 24th Annual American Burn Association Southern Region Meeting in December in Winston-Salem, N.C.  The closing banquet on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011 will host a real North Carolina BBQ Dinner.

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Vehicle Injury Prevention — VIP program

Statistics show that over 40 percent of all teen fatalities are due to vehicle accidents. Yes, almost half of the teenagers that die, will die in an automobile crash. The VIP for a VIP program (Vehicle Injury Prevention for a Very Important Person) was founded after a fatal teen crash in 1998 on the concept, “if they could only see what we see” as emergency responders, maybe they would make better choices when presented with risky opportunities.

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OSHA 1910. 156 vs. NFPA 1582 -—

We are often asked by Fire Chiefs about OSHA 1910.156 and how it applies to fire departments.  There is a great deal of confusion about what standard is applicable and which should be followed.   This article will discuss the standards, their intent and applicability. 

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Your portfolio: the opportunity is in the balance

The ups and downs of the economic rollercoaster we are currently riding have been extreme enough to make even the most seasoned investor a little breathless. Unfortunately, there is no magical safety belt that guarantees security. However, there is a proactive move that can make the most of the situation — and whatever the future might hold. It is called opportunistic rebalancing.

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Using today’s economy to your fire department’s advantage

As a society, we are faced with one of the most challenging economic times in our lives. Like a vast majority of individuals navigating this difficult environment, you may find it tough to make decisions on where to invest, or more importantly, where not to invest your personal investment dollars. The same may be true for your department’s investable funds. Read More »

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How are you treating your fire apparatus?

How well do you know your apparatus? I would be willing to bet that all of you do not know it as well as you think you do. You all go out to do your morning, nightly or weekly checks. You circulate a little water, check all the lights, check the fluids, and make sure it is stocked. Well, that does not stop the department from paying numerous unnecessary bills due to improper maintenance and equipment exercising.

How often have you actually looked up the manufacturer’s recommended daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance and performed those as suggested. I am willing to go double or nothing on that bet and say negative ghost rider with a big 10 no. Read More »

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UNC Charlotte graduates over 50 students from EMS, Fire and Rescue Management Institutes

Fifty-eight front line supervisors, training officers, mid-level managers, head administrators, and aspiring leaders from the fire service and EMS fields joined UNC Charlotte’s growing Southeast alumni network upon graduating from the EMS Management Institute and Fire and Rescue Management Institutes earlier this year.

The EMS Management Institute celebrated its 30th anniversary offering in 2010-2011 with 22 students enrolled from across North Carolina and South Carolina. Many eagerly participated with the help of a NCOEMS grant which subsidizes up to 40 percent of program fees per student.

Students devoted 15 days of the fall and spring to course modules including Leadership and Team-building, Human Resource Management, Strategic Planning, and Communication Skills. Founded in 1980, not long after the modern era of EMS, the program remains relevant and updated for today and tomorrow’s EMS leader.

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Industry News

IFSTA Launches Computer-Based Training by Action Training Systems

IFSTA and Fire Protection Publications of Oklahoma State University today launched the sale of computer-based training by Action Training Systems of Poulsbo, Wash. The step is the latest progression of a decades-long relationship between the leading publisher of fire service training manuals and the leading producer of video-based training media for firefighters.

More than 100 computer-based training (CBT) and simulation programs produced by Action Training Systems Inc. (ATS) are now available from Fire Protection Publications (FPP) of Oklahoma State University, the world’s leading publisher of fire service materials and headquarters for the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA).

For more information about ATS, go to

For more information on IFSTA/FPP, see

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Scott World Firefighter Combat Challenge

Myrtle Beach is once again playing host to the “Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge World Challenge.”.The Challenge will take place Nov. 14-19, 2011 at Broadway at the Beach, near Hard Rock Cafe and Celebrity Square in Myrtle Beach.

Known as the “toughest two minutes in sports,” the Scott World Firefighter Combat Challenge was developed to promote and showcase the talents, skills and athleticism of America’s firefighters.

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Firefighters battle two-alarm fire on New Year's Day

On January 01, 2012, at 13:47 hours, Rocky Mount NC Fire units were dispatched to a residential structure fire at 1201 Eastern Avenue.  When the first due companies arrived on-scene they found a large two-story residential structure with gray smoke exiting the second story gable vents.  

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Rocky Mount NC Fire Fighters Rescue Child from Blazing Home

At 11:50 PM on January 5, Rocky Mount (NC) 911 received a call from a neighbor reporting a structure fire at 927 Stokes Street.  Rocky Mount Fire units Engine 5, Engine 1, Ladder 10, Ladder 30, Squad 1, and Battalion 1 were dispatched. Read More »

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HAIX New 11-inch leather bunker boots now available from, the leading online source for firefighting equipment and supplies, brings the latest German engineered fire boots to US Firefighters. The HAIX Fire Hero Xtreme and Fire Hunter USA represent the latest technology and performance in leather bunker boots – and multiple certifications prove their protection capabilities. Read More »

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Fall 2011 New Deliveries

Eastern Pines Fire Department

Eastern Pines Fire Department

2011 Pierce Impel Custom Pumper w/Pierce chassis, Cummins ISL 9 engine, 1500 GPM Waterous pump, 1000 gal. UPF poly tank, TAK-4 IFS, hatch compartment, enclosed ladder storage.

North 321 Volunteer Fire Department

North 321 Volunteer Fire Department

2011 Pierce Arrow-XT Custom Pumper w/Pierce chassis, Cummins ISL 9 engine, 1500 GPM Waterous CSU pump, 1000 gal. UPF poly tank, Husky 12 foam system, TAK-4 IFS.

Pikeville - Pleasant Grove Fire Department

Pikeville - Pleasant Grove Fire Department

2011 Pierce Encore w/Freightliner chassis, 360 HP Cummins engine, 20 kw generator, 6 kw light tower, four bottle cascade, SpaceSaver SCBA bottle fill station.

West Iredell Fire Department

West Iredell Fire Department

2011 Pierce Arrow-XT Custom Pumper w/Pierce chassis, Cummins ISL engine, 1500 GPM Waterous CSU pump, 1000 gal. UPF poly tank, side roll and front impact protection.

City of Lexington Fire Department

City of Lexington Fire Department

2011 Toyne Custom Rescue Pumper w/Spartan chassis, Cummins ISL 425 engine, 1500 GPM Hale pump, 500 gal. UPF tank, Foam Pro 2002 foam system, Onan 10 kw hydraulic generator.

Crabtree-IronDuff Volunteer Fire Department

Crabtree-IronDuff Volunteer Fire Department

2011 International 4 Guys Pumper Tanker w/International chassis, 330 HP MaxxForce 9 diesel engine, 1000 GPM Waterous pump, 1500 gal. poly tank, ROM roll up doors.

Maxton Rescue Squad

Maxton Rescue Squad

2011 Rosenbauer Medium Duty Rescue w/Ford chassis, Cummins engine, 25 kw PTO generator, light tower recessed in body top, custom shelving, Whelen LED light package.

Shannon Volunteer Fire Department

Shannon Volunteer Fire Department

2011 Rosenbauer Custom Pumper w/Spartan chassis, Cummins 380 engine, 1250 GPM Hale pump, 1000 gal. poly tank, internal ladder and hard suction hose storage, 6000 watt light tower.

Statesville Fire Department

Statesville Fire Department

2011 Rosenbauer Custom Pumper w/Spartan chassis, 500 HP Cummins ISX engine, 1250 GPM Hale pump, 680 gal. custom poly tank, Class A&B foam, 10 kw SmartPower generator.

Topsail Beach Fire Department

Topsail Beach Fire Department

2011 Rosenbauer Custom Pumper w/Spartan chassis, Cummins ISL engine, 1500 GPM Hale pump, 1000 gal. poly tank, 15’ light tower, 10 kw generator, Hot-dip galvanized subframe.

Verona Volunteer Fire Department

Verona Volunteer Fire Department

2011 Rosenbauer Custom Pumper w/Spartan chassis, Cummins ISL engine, 1500 GPM Hale pump, 1000 gal. poly tank, LED light package, enclosed ladder/pike pole storage.

West of New Bern Volunteer Fire Department

West of New Bern Volunteer Fire Department

2011 Rosenbauer Pumper w/Freightliner chassis, Cummins engine, 1250 GPM Waterous pump, 1000 gal. poly tank, light tower w/strobe and backlighting, 8 kw hydraulic generator.

Carrboro Fire Department

Carrboro Fire Department

2011 Anchor-Richey EVS F-550 Multi-Purpose Response Vehicle w/Ford chassis, 6.7 powerstroke diesel engine, 300 GPM Darley pump, 300 gal. poly tank, Warn winch w/stainless brush guard.

Erwin Fire and Rescue

Erwin Fire and Rescue

2011 E-One Custom Heavy Rescue w/E-One Typhoon chassis, Cummins ISL 450 engine, 500 GPM Hale pump, 300 gal. poly tank, 22’ extruded aluminum body, hide-a-way vertical light tower.

Franklinton Fire Department

Franklinton Fire Department

2011 E-One Cyclone Custom Rescue Pumper w/E-One chassis, Cummins ISM 450 HP engine, 1250 GPM Hale pump, 1240 gal. poly tank, 10kW SmartPower hydraulic generator, Zio coverhead ladder rack.

Hatteras Fire Protective Association

Hatteras Fire Protective Association

2011 E-One HP 75’ Aluminum Aerial Quint w/E-One Quest chassis, Cummins ISL 450 engine, 1500 GPM Hale pump, 500 gal. poly tank, hydraulic generator, compressed air foam system.

Star Fire Department

Star Fire Department

2011 E-One Custom Pumper w/E-One Typhoon chassis, Cummins ISL 450 engine, 1500 GPM Hale pump, 1030 gal. poly tank, FRC LED brow and scene lights, Newton dump valve.

West Hoke Fire Department

West Hoke Fire Department

2011 E-One Tradition Commercial Pumper w/International 4400 chassis, MaxxForce 9 - 330 HP engine, 1250 GPM Hale pump, 1000 gal. poly tank, HID scene lighting, top mount pump.

Yanceyville Fire-Rescue

Yanceyville Fire-Rescue

2011 E-One Tradition Commercial Rescue Pumper w/International chassis, MaxxForce 9 - 330 HP engine, 1250 GPM Hale pump, 1030 gal. poly tank, 10kW SmartPower hydraulic generator.

West Edgecombe Volunteer Fire Department

West Edgecombe Volunteer Fire Department

2011 E-One Tradition Rescue Pumper w/Freightliner chassis, Cummins ISC 330 engine, 1250 GPM Hale pump, 1000 gal. poly tank, electric proportioned foam system.

First Health Regional EMS

First Health Regional EMS

(2) Chevrolet 3500s with LED lights, custom interior layout, invert, 110 12v ducted heating and AC, mirror image interior, slide out life pack.

Johnston Ambulance Service

Johnston Ambulance Service

(2) Ford F-450s, 144 box size, 12v ducted heat and AC system, inverter, crash net, air ride, custom ALS.

Johnston Ambulance Service

Johnston Ambulance Service

2011 Mercedes 2500 w/LED lights, custom reflective graphics, custom ALS, transverse 02, inverter, ducted head and AC, custom overhead switch panel, 6 point harness.

Yadkin County EMS

Yadkin County EMS

2011 Ford E-450 gas w/all LED lights, inverter, flex steel attendant seat, Corian counters, Mermaid climate control for drugs, custom front console, ducted heat and AC.

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