NCSFA launches fund for NC firefighters

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10/14/2010 -

North Carolina’s 50,000 firefighters are this state’s everyday heroes. To ensure these men and women are safe, healthy, comprehensively trained and well-educated when called into action, the N.C. State Firemen’s Association (NCSFA) has formed the North Carolina Firefighters Fund.


“The Fund serves several purposes; however, the primary goal is to facilitate higher education within the fire service,” says NCSFA Executive Director Paul Miller. “North Carolina firefighters don’t have many in-state opportunities to further their education. As a result, departments looking to fill leadership positions, such as chief, are often forced to look outside of the state. It is our hope that increased opportunities for higher education will allow North Carolina fire departments to fill more positions and make more promotions from within.”

Other goals of the fund aim to raise firefighter awareness on occupational health issues, and gain support for the profession among the public. One hundred percent of corporate and individual tax-deductible donations will go toward scholarships for education and training, leadership building, health and life insurance, line-of-duty injury and illness benefits, and other fund and NCSFA directives.

The fund is being administered by Local Government Federal Credit Union.

The fund’s website is currently under development. For more information, or to make a donation, please call the NCSFA at 800-253-4733.

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