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05/05/2020 -

Fire Marshal Causey secures 10,000 masks for firefighters 

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey has obtained and distributed 10,000 respirator masks to use as personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters on the front lines battle the coronavirus. The Office of State Fire Marshal purchased 10,000 KN95 masks for $50,000. Although they are not the official N95 mask considered to be the gold standard used in this pandemic, they have been approved as a "suitable alternative" by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The OSFM is sending the masks to fire marshals in all 100 counties. The county fire marshals, who know their local needs best, will then distribute the masks to local fire departments.  



Clean up begins after night of looting, fires and vandalism in Raleigh, Fayetteville 

Protests, fires and outrage over the death of George Floyd have broken out in more than a dozen cities across the country, with some protesters smashing windows, setting cars ablaze and clashing with police officers. Tonight, protesters in Fayetteville and Raleigh have grown unsettled--and, in some cases, violent. A historic building was set on fire and vandalized, police cars are being smashed, flags were burned. Protesters have thrown bottles and other items at officers. By the end of the night, it was unclear if the looters and people causing property damage were part of the original protests at all. Protests began peacefully on Saturday afternoon. Cities all across North Carolina had protests. In the Triangle, thousands marched in Durham, Raleigh and Fayetteville.  


Charlotte protester rescued by firefighters after falling through sidewalk grate 

VIDEO: A person has been rescued by emergency personnel after they fell through the steel grates along the sidewalk during ongoing protests late Saturday night in uptown Charlotte. Charlotte Fire, EMS and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police all responded to the scene within minutes. It took emergency crews about 15 minutes to lift the person up out of the ground on a stretcher. The man was rushed to an area hospital for treatment.  


Carolina Beach And Kure Beach Lower Their ISO Fire Ratings 

Carolina Beach Fire Chief Alan Griffin informed the Town Council Tuesday May 26th, the department was recently inspected by the North Carolina Department of Insurance for their ISO insurance rating. Upon a successful inspection, the rate decreased from 3 to 2 which is an improvement and can help save some property owners money on their policies. Griffin explained, "We had our ISO inspection in February. Typically takes several months to get the score back. The North Carolina Rating System does the inspection and then they push it up the pipe to the federal level where they review everything and give approval." Councilman Jay Healy explained, "You guys should be extremely proud. That's a great job." Griffin said, "Kure Beach got the same ISO rating."  


Skydiver rescued from tree in Salisbury 

One skydiver didn't quite make it to the ground until he was able to get the help of the Salisbury Fire Department on Sunday. According to Salisbury Fire, the skydiver was stuck at the top of a tree at 1280 Rowan Mill Road. Rescuers were dispatched to the area at approximately 2:47. Firefighters were able to position an aerial platform on Ladder Truck 1 and successfully retrieve the skydiver. The skydiver was not hurt.  


Atlantic Beach officials suspend search for person seen 'floating' 

The search for a suspected body seen floating offshore Sunday in Atlantic Beach has been suspended, according to Atlantic Beach Fire Chief Mike Simpson. "We have suspended our search as of 7 p.m. last night," Chief Simpson said in an email Monday morning. "Our staff will continue to patrol the beach and surf every 3-4 hours over the next couple of days. Still no one has been reported missing." Chief Simpson said a family reported seeing a body floating between 300 and 500 yards off the beach near The Circle development district at about 2:22 p.m. Sunday. Two lifeguards on duty also reported seeing a body floating in the same area. An Atlantic Beach Fire and Rescue Department jet ski was dispatched to the vicinity where the body was reportedly located, but Chief Simpson said the first responder lost sight of the body.  



Charleston Police Department: Several first responders injured in riots 

The Charleston Police Department (CPD) on Sunday issued a statement regarding Saturday night's events. CPD says that their main priority is "the preservation of life, property, and the overall safety of our community." According to CPD, while thankfully there was no loss of life, "several police officers and firefighters received minor injuries" while responding to protests that devolved into riots in downtown Charleston. Police vehicles were damaged as well. CPD said that they stand in solidarity with those who wish to peacefully demonstrate and will protect and champion that right. However, after a day of peaceful protests on Saturday, "criminal behavior, some spontaneous, while other acts were clearly coordinated and organized with direct purpose to cause destruction, began occurring."  


Piedmont EMT passes away after battle with COVID-19 

An EMT in South Carolina has passed away following a battle with COVID-19, according to Vital Care EMS, WHNS reports. John Paul "JP" Alonzo Granger, 22, of Piedmont, passed away on Tuesday, Vital Care EMS says. He is described as a selfless person in a statement from his employers. JP started driving an ambulance in Greenville after high school while he worked towards becoming an EMT. Vital Care EMS says his life motto was: "I gave up my life to learn how to save yours." JP's coworkers described him as a kind and caring man, who loved his family, friends and rescue dog, Shadow. "He loved his family so much and was loved by all. What a fitting way to live your life. His kind spirit will live on forever and the mark that he left on this world will never be erased," Vital EMS said in a statement.  


Longtime Jamestown Fire Chief Honored With Parade 

The Berkeley County community recently came out in full force to honor the longest-serving fire chief in South Carolina. For 52 years, Jamestown Fire Chief David O. Shuler has dedicated his life to his community as a first responder. "Chief Shuler, as we all know loves his community, and we love and sincerely appreciate him for his many years of service," said Pastor Wayne with Jamestown Baptist Church. Currently battling a serious illness, Shuler left Roper Hospice Cottage in Mt. Pleasant and returned home Thursday, making quite the grand entrance along the way thanks to a fire truck escort. To show how much the fire chief is loved and appreciated, the church organized a parade in his honor the same day of his return home.  


Columbia mayor declares curfew; police officers and firefighter injured in protests 

Mayor Steve Benjamin today declared a state of emergency and curfew amid protests in downtown Columbia over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday. The state of emergency will begin at 6 p.m. in the city center and Vista areas, he said. "When protests go from being peaceful to being violent the situation changes ... and this won't be tolerated," he said. "We're going to shut it down and shut it down right now." He added that any protesters who are not from Columbia should "take your asses home right now." Columbia police chief Skip Holbrook said four officers were injured, one seriously. A firefighter was also injured. Holbrook said there were "multiple" arrests, including a suspect who allegedly fired a weapon.  


Flooded apartment in Columbia displaces 10 people 

The Columbia Fire Department responded to flooding at the Mallard Point Apartments Friday night. According to firefighters, water came off the main road and affected Building A of the complex. They were called for a water rescue. Two people were taken to the hospital for unknown injuries. According to the Red Cross, the building had to be completely evacuated and 10 people have been displaced. The Red Cross is assisting. There have been no updates on the condition of anyone rescued. According to Ben Williamson with the Red Cross, they had a team respond virtually to the four families impacted to help with financial assistance for housing, clothes and food.  


Courtesy of Daily Dispatch.
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