March 8 2019

North Carolina and South Carolina Fire Incidents

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03/11/2019 -

Hendersonville fire chief to apply for 12 more firefighters

The Hendersonville City Council Thursday authorized its fire chief to apply for a grant that would help pay for an additional 12 fighters – scaling back from an initial promise for 15 personnel due to cost. In a 4-1 vote, the city approved a letter of commitment for Fire Chief Joseph Vindigni to apply for a Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant to hire 12 additional firefighters. If rewarded, the grant would pay for 75 percent of salaries and benefits for the new firefighters in the first and second year. The third year of the grant funds would cover 35 percent of salary and benefits. The savings would add up to $1.25 million over the first three years.  



Onslow County: Volunteers fewer, but volunteer fire departments to stick around ‘as long as they can'

"The volunteer problem is not just a fire-based problem. And this is even harder because people's lives depend on it." With volunteerism decreasing on local and national levels, Onslow County volunteer fire departments are feeling the need, too. The VFDs aren't the only volunteer agencies impacted, however. Recently, volunteer rescue squads previously funded by the county, including Swansboro Volunteer EMS, Richlands Rescue, Nine Mile Rescue and Haws Run Volunteer Rescue Squad, shut down their respective stations. While Nine Mile and Swansboro have plans to merge, according to their websites and Facebook pages, the other squads do not currently have plans to merge or reopen.  


Concord firefighter recovering after being seriously hurt in motorcyclist crash

After being seriously injured in a motorcyclist crash, Cool Springs Volunteer Fire Department says Assistant Chief Ray Elmore is showing great progress. The Concord firefighter was seriously injured in October due to the wreck and had his left leg amputated. The fire department posted on their Facebook page Friday morning that Elmore was up and walking with his prosthetic leg. In addition to being a firefighter for the city of Concord, Elmore serves as an assistant chief at the Cool Springs Fire Department in Iredell County.  


16 people displaced after apartment fire in Raleigh

VIDEO: At least one resident was injured after jumping from a second story window when a fire broke out at the Arium Trailwood apartments on Thursday evening. It happened about 6 p.m. at 3121 Aileen Drive in Raleigh. Chopper 11HD was over the scene as firefighters with flashlights were visible on the roof of the building, which appeared to sustain substantial damage. Megan Dupree came home from work to find the sea of fire trucks at the complex gates. Minutes later she found out it was her building, 3121, that was on fire. It wasn't Dupree's unit, but as she waited with a blanket outside in the cold, she worried if her two cats survived. "I'm just worried because of the smoke. I don't care about any of the other stuff in the apartment. I just wanna know if my cats are OK," Dupree said.  


Historic Fire Truck Returned To Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

A piece of history returns to its original home at the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. The Seymour Johnson Fire Department held a dedication ceremony for "Engine 1," a 1942 Ford that was actually the very first fire truck at the base when Seymour Johnson Field opened in 1942. Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Elbert Dixon rediscovered the old fire truck in a farm field in Dudley and restored the vehicle to its former glory. Dixon donated the fire truck back the Seymour Johnson Fire Department. Sean Quinby, the Fire Chief for Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, says they're seeing if the Air Force Museum wants the historic vehicle, but the base will find uses for "Engine 1" on-base and in the community.  


Greensboro Fire Department to conduct live fire training

The Greensboro Fire Department plans to conduct live fire training at 310 Oferrell St. on Saturday. Firefighters will practice extinguishing a fire, along with ventilation and search techniques, the department said in a news release. The training will begin at 8 a.m. and end about 5 p.m. The department warned that heavy amounts of smoke may be present in the area, but should not pose a hazard to the public. All structures used in such training exercises comply with state air quality and health regulations, the department said.The training gives firefighters a chance to gain valuable practice and experience in controlling and extinguishing fires, the department said.  



Howe Springs Fire Rescue unveils "Highway Safety Unit" to protect first responders

VIDEO: There's a new tool in Florence County to help protect the lives of first responders. The Howe Springs Fire Rescue re-purposed one of its pick-up trucks to create what the department is calling a "Highway Safety Unit." "We're looking forward to seeing the benefits of the truck and getting it out on the highway," said Capt. Michael Page of the Howe Springs Fire Rescue. The 2008 F-250 was already in the department's fleet, but now it has a whole new purpose. Outfitted with a digital message board, 75 cones and a wrap that's hard to miss, the truck will help alert drivers of crews working scenes on busy roadways, according to Page. "Every year the statistics about emergency service personnel being struck by a vehicle while on scene increases more than it should. We are taking steps to try and prevent that from happening to our members and the citizens we serve," the department said in a Facebook post.  


Ware Shoals teen held back blaze while awaiting firefighters

House fires aren't anything new for Timothy Boland — the 17-year-old Ware Shoals High School student remembers being 5 and watching his dad douse fires in Laurens County. He grew up around firefighters and always knew that was the path for him. He jumped at the chance to volunteer when Ware Shoals adopted an explorer program through the Boy Scouts of America. The explorer program allows people as young as 14 to start volunteering in a limited capacity with firefighters, all while getting the training and experience they need to be certified once they turn 18. Timothy has taken his auto extrication class, which teaches how to free people trapped in a wrecked car, and has plenty of experience helping on fire scenes, but at 17 years old, he's not allowed to go into a burning building yet.  


Charleston building evacuated as a precaution after people reported feeling sick from odor

A building in Charleston was evacuated as a precaution Thursday night after the occupants reported feeling sick from an odor. It happened at a building in the area of Beaufain and King streets. Charleston fire officials said the smell likely came from floor finishing material in a portion of the building that was under renovation. "The building was evacuated as a precaution and the CFD is working to ventilate the building," said Chief Fire Marshal Michael Julazadeh." Representatives from the property management company, owner, and contractor are enroute the scene." According to emergency officials, although occupants reported feeling sick from the odor, at this time, no one has been transported to the hospital. Police, fire and EMS crews responded to the scene.  


"He turned on me": Owner of destroyed Bamberg buildings thinks it's a case of arson

VIDEO: Investigators have yet to say what sparked the blaze that destroyed four buildings in Downtown Bamberg. But the owner says he thinks it was set on purpose. Steve Leninski says he thinks this is a case of Arson. SLED has not yet said what sparked the fire, or whether it's suspicious, but Leninski thinks it was intentionally set. "It was two guys in town that did. When I first met him, he was sleeping in the grass. I gave him a place to live. In two years, never made him pay a nickel and then he turned on me," said Leninski. Mayor Nancy Foster says Leninski had plans to restore the buildings that burned. She confirms that he is delinquent on property taxes on the buildings, but has a grace period to pay back the money.  


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