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CarolinaFireJournal - By David Pease
By David Pease
10/26/2015 -

We are rolling out of summer and now moving into fall. I think for us here in North Carolina, it is one of the best times of the year. The weather is great for getting out with the family, working outside, taking care of those honey do lists and training. We need to make sure we spend the time needed to train on the equipment we are expected to use so we can be the best in what we do.


Metal Detector

Our dive team has had an underwater metal detector from J.W. Fishers for quite a while now, one we had worked just like a land detector except it could be used totally submerged. The metal detector had a display gauge as well as a meter to read or listen to when encountering any metal objects. Using it in black water was difficult because you could not see the meter display. We have used the unit to find several weapons for law enforcement. I decided to see what we could do to improve this capability, so again I went to J.W. Fishers to see what they had. They are one of the leaders in underwater imaging, metal detectors and robotic cameras. I soon found what I was looking for.

Realizing that it would be much better to tow the detector and read it from the boat, I found just the option that would do that. They have an 18 inch ring with a 10 foot cable that can be used with the Pulse 8X. They were able to upgrade our Pulse 6X to the 8X model and do the connections to make the new ring and cable work. The 18 inch ring will scan an area of about 6 feet in both directions and it can be towed several feet off the bottom. The detector itself has a sensitivity control that allows you to tune the unit for larger pieces of metal at the medium and low range, to smaller metals at the high range. The zero adjustment gives you the ability to set your dial before operations begin. There is also an underwater earphone and a set of land headphones. The underwater earphone can be used with the handheld unit and strapped under the mask strap. When using the tow ring, the headset is used. A tone will be heard with a meter reading of .2 or greater. The Pulse 6X and 8X has an internal battery that will last nine to 10 hours. There is also an LED light for charging and a leak. The leak LED will let you know that water has entered the housing if using the handheld unit underwater.

J.W Fishers also makes boat towed metal detectors, cable trackers, remote operated vehicles, sonar systems, as well as other underwater search devices. For more information on the Pulse X units, go to  http://www.jwfishers.com.

Glow Sticks

While at the Southeastern Fire Expo a short while back I came across a company, Gen Tac Gear, that sells an unusual type of glow stick, for lack of a better name. They have the UVGloStik and the Scooblite as well as some other glow units. I got the UVGlo and the ScoobLite to use on my search gear as well as on my dive BCD. These sticks contain crystals that glow when exposed to light. They can be charged from any light source, however, the brighter the better. They maintain up to eight to 12 hours based on the charge exposure you give them. The UVGloStik is about a three inch long part flat and part round stick. The ScoobLite comes in three and six-inch sizes, and I went with the six inch size since I got the UVGloStiks. The ScoobLites are underwater rated and contain the same glow crystals the GloStiks do. They will last forever, as the crystals do not go bad. Thought these were pretty neat little marking devices and wanted to pass it along. For more information go to http://gentacgear.com/t/uv-paqlite.

Coming up in the future we will be looking at some new struts from Res-Q-Jack, new airbags and electric tools from ResQTec, as well as some rope gear from DEUS. Take care and I will see you next issue.

If you have any questions or comments, please shoot me an email at [email protected]. Until next time, train hard, be safe, and know your equipment.
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