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CarolinaFireJournal - By RB Knight
By RB Knight Founder/Publisher
10/26/2015 -

Reflecting back on our 30 years in publishing Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal, it has been absolutely amazing to observe the growth and significance of the fire, rescue and EMS professions. I have witnessed the metamorphosis — evolving into a highly technical, skilled and superbly trained indispensable leaders in our communities. The service they work so hard to provide at great personal risk is absolutely vital to the safety and the ability for the public to live secure in peace knowing they are protected and served by the best.


RB Knight 30 years

Things changed with a wake-up call on Sept. 11 as the whole world watched 3000 murders unfold in front of our very eyes. We also watched as 363 brave fire and EMS professionals walked into the abyss and carnage of the World Trade Center.

Many had to be restrained from going back in again and again because that’s what they do. They stay and go in and go again in until the job is done and all lives accounted for.

There are thousands more such incidents on a smaller scale but no less heroic in our Carolinas communities and beyond. They do not waver. They do not flinch. They go in and they go in again. All of their knowledge, training and experience are put to the test. Some make the ultimate sacrifice.

As publisher, it has been an honor to provide you with editorial that is informative and timely that you read today and use the training information provided on the job the next day. Our writers are experts in their field and want to share the knowledge that they have gained by their experience in hopes that it makes your jobs much easier and safer. The products and services featured within these pages are the best products available. We carefully chose these companies through a selective process to make sure they are what they say and will service our departments well. These companies have spent countless time and money to make sure they are up to your standards in all areas. Only the best enter these pages.

Thank you very much and it is truly our honor to serve you.

RB Knight


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