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CarolinaFireJournal - Barry McRoy
Barry McRoy
08/07/2015 -

The GUTS HM1 mounting system is used to mount a variety of flashlights, cameras or tools to your helmet or hardhat. The helmet mount works as it says in the literature. It is easy to install and comes with the tool to make the installation quick and simple.

It mounts securely to the helmet and the strap holds median to larger flashlights without difficulty — the type typically used on helmets.


We did not place a camera on the mount, basically because we did not have one. The mount is versatile and can mount in many locations. We used it on a plastic Cairns Helmet (Model 1044) and a thicker leather helmet. It is secure on both.

It does not work well with very small flashlights. We tried to put a small “AAAA” style Streamlight LED flashlight in it, but the Velcro strap does not go that small/tight. But in its defense, it probably is not designed for very little flashlights. There are so many flashlights; I don’t think you could design something to fit every application. Up until recently, those flashlights were not bright, so they were not used very often in the fire service field. The LED technology now allows for very bright smaller flashlights, so they may want to look at maybe including a smaller strap to use if the customer wants to install the smaller versions.

I think it is a sturdy, quality product that I would have no problem using.

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