Dorchester County Fire Rescue

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08/07/2015 -

Department Name: Dorchester County Fire Rescue

County: Dorchester

Type Department: Combination

Number of Stations:12


Dorchester County Fire Rescue Chief Tres Atkinson.

Number of Apparatus: 47 Pumpers: 20 Aerials: 2 Specialty: 5

Do you provide EMS? Yes. What type: FR

Specialty Operations:

— Confined space

— High angle

Annual Budget: 2.1 million

Area Covered Square miles: 467.93

Population: 136,555 county base; our current district covers 25,000 of the base

Total Runs: 1642 Fire: 344 EMS: 837

Chief: Tres Atkinson

Chief Officers: Deputy Chief Malcolm Burns, Battalion Chief Ben Waring, Battalion Chief Hans Button, Battalion Chief Randy Sherrouse, District Chief Tommy Williams, District Chief Jimmy Fender, District Chief Tony McAlhany, District Chief Brandon Holt, District Chief Mark McDonald, District Chief Jack Kirlin and District Chief Curtis Langston

Other Officers: 12 Lieutenants

Number of Members: 147 Paid: 42 Volunteer: 94 /13 Explorers

Address: 101 Ridge St. ,St. George S.C. 29477

Contact: www. (under construction), 843-832-0214

Community Outreach: Active smoke detector program, fire prevention for schools and civic groups, fire extinguisher training program for industry and civic groups, Annual Fire Day educational event

Top Two concerns in your community: Keeping up with the growing population (we are one of the fastest growing counties in the southeast). The amount of unknowns that travel through our county via the rail system and two interstates.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? Hopefully a new engine and with the help of AFG; SCBA’s and Personnel

What special hazards or unique businesses are in your community? We have a rail system that extends the entire length of the county. We also cover 31 miles of Interstate 95 and 26.

What problems in your department that you would like feedback from others? Volunteer incentives, I believe we do a pretty good job but there is always room for improvement.

List anything else you are proud of and would like the readers to know about.

We are very proud of our long hose lay. We have demonstrated for ISO that we can flow 750 gallons per minute with a 6000 foot 5” hose lay without the use of relay pumpers. We have one truck that was converted to carry this hose with a flat lay.

We have a very detailed volunteer career path that allows the member to choose his or her level of participation. We have a place for anyone who wants to support the community.

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