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CarolinaFireJournal - By Dedra Cline
By Dedra Cline
04/24/2015 -

Welcome back. Hope everyone’s spring has been a good one.

I had an article ready to send when I was looking at Facebook and I saw some things none of us want to see or be reminded that could be my firefighter (FF). One was an article about a fire truck accident. The driver ran off the road and lost control causing the fire truck to roll over. The driver was either entrapped or pinned under the fire truck. Another was a firefighter that fell through a roof. So, I decided to look on the Internet. There was accident after accident reported.


After looking at the Facebook post and looking on the Internet, I was reminded of a time when our DD (Dear Daughter) and I had traveled with our FF. When our FF would teach we would go with him. And, sometimes, if it was outside, we would be able to watch. One day we were there with our FF and he came out of a window without a ladder. He was inside when the fire had been started. The department had someone on the ladder truck who was going to run the ladder over to the window to pick him up. Well, that didn’t happen. So, he did the only thing he knew to do — which was come on out! I saw it happen and tried to stay calm for our daughter. While we were standing there, all I remember her saying was, “Tell him he can’t be a FF any more, he can’t leave us.”

To this day, our FF has never heard this. I never told him. Why? Because of the dedication he has to his job. We know that dedication is one of the main characteristics of being a firefighter. Dedication is the passion, having the heart, pride or drive to want to do the job. Firefighters are hard working, hard training people who take pride in the work that they do. Firefighters strive for excellence at all times. Our FF has all of these qualities. And I don’t know a firefighter who doesn’t.

But, while all firefighters have the characteristic of dedication and they are doing the job due to the need to help the community, we must remind them everyday of this. They are doing a job that they love to do. They are doing what they want to do.

If any of this has you confused, just remember this one thing: we as spouses must remember all this, while we are reminding our FF that they are great at what they do, and of their dedication to do the job.

Dedra Cline welcomes your questions and comments. She can be reached at [email protected].
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