What are your 2015 promises?

CarolinaFireJournal - Sherry Brooks,
Sherry Brooks, Editor
01/10/2015 -

Mary Pat Knight is a leadership coach and her idea is that, “Resolutions don’t work. Make promises instead.” Why a promise? A promise is personal.

Here are some ideas for promises you can make for 2015.

Make it a Fond Farewell

Peter Antevy relates patient satisfaction with the policy of a “fond farewell” practiced by the Ritz Carlton. He gives you several ideas on how to have a fond farewell on your next call. See his article on page 27.

Personal and Professional Growth

On page 40, Ken Farmer lists nine steps for your personal growth and how you can become a better leader. None are hard, but they will take a little time and consistency.

Joe Mancos gives you a “Personal Roadmap to Promotion” in his article on page 56. He asks if you are “ready for the journey.” Are you? Follow his steps and 2015 could be your year for professional growth.

Train to be Prepared

Every issue of Carolina Fire has numerous training articles to prepare you for your job. One that has been in the news lately is Ebola and the risks to first responders. James Winslow writes on “What A First Responder Should Know” in his article on page 23. Learn how to recognize, care for and work safely around possible Ebola patients.

Train for Every Incident

Over Christmas two firefighters were shot and killed and two injured responding to a residential fire. Andrew Rowley talks about active shooter incidents in his article on page 22. Does your department train for this?

Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

Don Prince tells his story of addiction and the end of his fire service career. Maybe this speaks to you or someone you know. He will tell you that taking the first step isn’t as hard as you think, and the rewards are priceless. Read about his journey on page 64.

Here’s to the promise of a safe 2015. Please let me hear from you. You can reach me at [email protected]. I’m always interested in your thoughts and comments.

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