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01/07/2015 -

Not One Step Back!  
Our Thirtieth Year — 1985-2015.   Thank You!
Going into our 30th year at Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal we have never been more proud of the people we represent and the fire products we present to them and the vital training our superior writers provide.

Having served in the military, I know that soldiers are frequently asked, “When it’s on the line, who do you want in your fox hole?” Someone commented, “Loyal, steadfast in their mission, well trained and possessing the right tools and skills to get the job done. They’ve got your back and you trust them.”
These days first responders are sometimes taken for granted, ignored and even ridiculed. Many have forgotten the sacrifices made on 9/11, thousands of other incidents, and the many hours of intense training to be the best you can be — to save one life that matters. Your life also matters, as do the sacrifices you make everyday to keep us all safe. None of us, the government, various media, communities, leadership and all Americans — not one step back in supporting our first responders.

Years ago I was working a little late on a Friday night when a big burly middle aged man came in the door and forcefully said, “I want to see the boss man.” Wary, I said that would be me.  He got close and began his story. “You see, my son was killed in a fire a while back and you referenced the incident in an article in your publication.” At this point his emotions were rising. “It’s like this,” he continued. “My grandson, my son’s boy is four years old and he’s angry. He doesn’t understand where his dad is. We’re putting together a hope chest so that later he will know his father for the hero he is. We need some copies of The Journal for the chest.”

Thank you to the fire rescue and EMS professionals. It’s an honor to serve you. Not one step back.

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