Hemby Bridge Fire Department

Fire Station Profile

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10/10/2014 -

Department Name: Hemby bridge fire Department


Station Specs

County: Union, NC

Type Department: Combination

Number of Stations: One

Do you provide EMS? Yes. What type? First Responder

Specialty Operations:No

Annual Budget: $1,415,000

Area Covered Square miles: 25

Population: 35,000

Total Runs: 1567
Fire: 599 EMS: 968

Chief: Johnny Blythe

Chief Officers:Deputy Chief Paul Ramsey, Assistant Chief Chris Yates

Other Officers:Four Captains

Number of Members:56

Address: 6628 Mill Grove Road, Indian Trail, NC 28079

Website:[email protected]

Phone: 704-882-2100

Community Outreach

Hemby Bridge Fire Department provides a fire safety program to four elementary schools in our district. We provide fire safety and in home safety to elderly residence in a retirement village. We provide smoke detector checks and installation to any member of the district. We are a permanent car seat checking station and also the Buckle Up coordinator for Union County.

Windi Henderson is the Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief and she also serves as the Union County Buckle Up Coordinator as well as the Assistant Safe Kids coordinator for Union County.

Top Two Concerns in Your Community

The top concern for us is the ability to secure funding ahead of the many projects the towns having on the drawing board. We currently serve five different municipal districts that all have plans ranging from small commercial retail areas to apartment complexes with one thousand apartments — this is the challenge that we are faced with. Because we are a Fire Protection District we don’t receive any of the money to provide service until the projects are complete, so we are constantly playing catch up.

Traffic is a concern because of the increased responsive time to calls in the outside area of our district. We are currently working with the county to reduce the times by changing the dispatch procedure from a station dispatch to a unit specific so we can improve our turn out times. We hope that the changes will greatly improve our overall response times.

What Upgrades Will You Make to Your Department this Year?

We don’t have any major upgrades planned for this year. We moved into our current facility in 2006 where we house a QRV, brush truck, two engines, one ladder, one rescue and we also have a reserve engine. We will start planning for an additional station next year to start construction in 2016. We plan to purchase a new engine and QRV to be housed in this station at the time it opens.

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