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07/15/2014 -

Station Specs

Department Name: Indian Land Fire Department
Type Department: Combination County System, with a Special Purpose Tax District
County: Lancaster County, S.C.
Number of Stations: 1
Do you provide EMS? Yes


Training prop built inside the station.

What type: First Responder
Specialty Operations: No
Annual Budget: $464,000.00
Area Covered Square miles: 22.5
Population: 10,000
Total Runs: 472 (Fire: 350 EMS: 122)
Chief: Joe Pezzuti
Chief Officers: Assistant Chief Mike Magette
Other Officers:  2 Lieutenants, 2 Captains
Number of Members: 14 Volunteer, 4 Paid
185 Six Mile Creek Rd
Lancaster, SC 29720
Website: www.ILVFD.ORG
Phone: 803-547-2747

Community Outreach:
Fire Prevention programs with all schools and some neighborhood communities

Top Two concerns in your community:
Growth in the area. Budget is not keeping up with the growth. Lack of volunteer help.

What are you doing for fund raising?
We do nothing due to tax district

What upgrades will you make to your department this year?
We will purchase extrication equipment to aid in EMS response. Presently writing a grant for equipment to become Swift Water Rescue Certified.

Any special hazards or unique businesses in your community?
City of Lights is a worldwide inspiration ministry with several high occupancy and large square feet buildings on a 93 acre site. Plans are to include more building in the future for this nonprofit that don’t pay county property taxes.

Any problems in your department that you would like feedback from others?
Best way to recruit more members on the volunteer side for the department.

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