Waterway is Now Equipment Test Specialists

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07/15/2014 -

You have known us as Waterway NC but we are now Equipment Testing Specialists (ETS).

Nothing has changed but our name. We still offer the same high quality testing services that have brought our customers back each year and allowed us to test over 6 million feet of hose over the past 6 years.


We have changed our name to Equipment Testing Specialists as we expand our offerings and our territory. No matter where you are in the southeast we
can offer competitive pricing to help you and your department.

Many of you have already used our services at your department to simplify your testing process, save time and money, and reduce the workload on your department and members. We continue to offer all of our previous services with hose, ground ladders, aerials, pumps, and SCBA hydro testing and we are excited to now offer testing for nozzles, appliances and suction hose.

If you have been in the fire service for any amount of time you know that one of the most dreaded times of the year is when testing time rolls around. This dread often leads to rushed testing or in severe cases, testing not being completed.

Outside of being required by NFPA, equipment testing is paramount for the safety of your equipment and firefighters. Every year fire fighters are hurt or injured during equipment tests or by equipment failures. Although regular testing can’t prevent all of these injuries using a third party testing company like Equipment Testing Specialists is an important part in working to reduce firefighter injuries and equipment failures.

We offer all of our tests on site. No extended down times, no weeks or months without equipment. When we leave you have all of your equipment tested and ready for use and have access to online records 24/7 or hard copies if needed. All tests are done with our equipment, which eliminates wear and tear on your pumps and equipment, and our crew so that your firefighters can focus on training and serving your community.

Our company is fire fighter owned and operated so we understand your departments wants and needs.

We service departments of all sizes from smaller volunteer departments to large metropolitan city departments. Let us give you a free quote to see how we can assist your department in being free from the burden of equipment testing.

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