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Sherry Brooks Editor
07/15/2014 -

Thanks to everyone that visited our booth at the South Carolina Fire Rescue Conference at Myrtle Beach recently. It’s a chance to meet and talk with our readers and visit the many vendors to see what exciting new products they are offering.


Take a minute to read Doug Cline’s article, “Creating an Accountability Culture” on page eight. I know we can all identify with the boss who says, “I don’t care how you do it. Just get it done!” If they don’t care why should you? Who’s accountable? Doug says that for most of us “accountability is viewed as a consequence for poor performance; it’s a principle you should fear because it can only end up hurting you.”

Doug refines the definition into a positive with, it’s “a personal choice to seek excellence in all one does, rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ability to accomplish goals through predicated knowledge, skills and abilities, ownership of a positive team oriented attitude focused on achieving desired results.” He gives us a roadmap to set expectations, achieve and be accountable. If you are a leader or aspire to be a leader, Doug challenges you to assume full accountability for your thoughts, feelings and actions. Then you are in charge of the direction of your destiny. You can create a proactive environment that can revitalize your leadership, safety and responsiveness from others.

Special Situation Training
Last issue we discussed sizing up a home, looking for toys in the yard, etc., to give yourself a heads-up that you might be entering a “baby proofed home” that could pose a hazard. But do you ever think to size up a home as a possible hoarding situation? Ryan Pennington’s article on page five, “Sizing Up a Hoarder Home,” gives you a list of variables to look for. Cluttered exteriors, overgrown bushes and shrubbery let you know you could be facing a “heavy content environment” that may pose many dangers for firefighters and require more personnel.

EMS Today
Cheryl Bikowski gives us “Five Key Technology Trends for EMS Personnel” on page 24. This technology includes Google Glass that David Greene discussed last issue, future GSP tracking for emergency responders to have more accurate 911 cellphone locating, automatic crash notifications predicting the seriousness of accidents, and treatments to counter drug overdose patients at the scene. What powerful tools for the first responder!

Photo Contest
We appreciate those that took the time to submit photos for our contest. Jennifer Gerst of Anderson Creek Emergency Services, Inc. captured the winning submission. See her photos and others on page 18.

Fire Rescue Conference
Don’t forget to head to Raleigh July 25 for the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo. As usual they have so many fun things to enjoy including antique fire apparatus, a fire truck parade, a golf tournament, firefighter competitions, Raleigh’s Finest 5K and the HazMat Challenge. The BBQ Throwdown makes its appearance for the second year and there will be as Corn Hole competition to benefit the North Carolina Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation. We’ll see you there.

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