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Sherry Brooks
05/06/2014 -

David Greene’s article on Google Glass sounds like magic to me. If you are not familiar with Google Glass, you will be amazed at this futuristic technology that is here today. David does a great job of explaining how this technology will enhance the jobs of EMS providers in the field. He goes on to tell us that there are many other emergency functions in fire-rescue where Glass is a game changer. Read his article on page 24 to find out more.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -— Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction writer

Less futuristic, but still very vital technology is the cell phone. Bob Twomey takes this familiar technology and explains how your rescue team can use a cell phone “ping”to receive coordinates during search and rescue. His article is on page three.

Rescue Training
Writer Joe Mancos wants to know if you are doing rescue right?” He asks if you are teaching to your audience in a way they will understand and retain? And most importantly, are you adding to the toolbox? To find out if you are doing rescue right, read his article on page eight for more information on rescue training.

David Pease continues his series on Heavy Vehicle Rescue. In this issue, he combats the storing and transporting issue by suggesting the use of stabilization struts which take up less room and make stabilizing vehicles easy and quick. Don’t miss this great article is on page 10.

David Greene tells us the difference between two in/two out and rapid intervention. David says todays firefighter must understand the complexities of rescuing one of their own. He concludes that not knowing and understanding what really happens with a mayday could “potentially be a disastrous failure.”

A Different Obstacle
Daren Vaughn writes about an issue we have never discussed in this publication, the threat of baby-proofed houses to firefighters. Does your department train on this? When you get to the fire scene do you see the clues — toys in the yard? This could be a good topic for your next training session if you haven’t already done so. His article is on page 21.

Liabilities to Your House
Another way to protect your department is your attitude on enforcing policies. The article on page 23, “Public Perception and Protecting Your Department,” tells us the importance of how you do business. What can happen when you practice negligent hiring and negligent retention? The answer could be a lawsuit where you are held liable.

Charles Shill with the Pelham Batesville Fire Dept. asked if I would let our readers know about a fundraiser they are holding for Capt. Tommy Blackwell who has been battling serious health issues, including cancer. He is on medical retirement after 23 years of service. The department had a custom AR15 built for the fundraiser. It has a custom engraving on the right side of the magazine well featuring a Maltese Cross with a helmet. Charles says the most special feature is the serial number, 9-11-2001.

I asked Charles how they picked this item to auction. He said, “Well, it’s different. We do barbeques for breast cancer and MDA. But, firemen like guns.”

Charles says every penny raised will benefit Tommy. The gun will be on display at the South Carolina Fire/Rescue Conference at Myrtle Beach, June 9-14 at their booth. You can buy tickets at that time, $10 per ticket or three for $20. If you miss the show contact Charles Shill at 864-621-8799 or email [email protected] and he’ll make sure you get tickets.


149 years ago, Union General William T. Sherman and his troops marched through Columbia, South Carolina, leaving a charred city in their wake. New York Firemen’s Association later learned that the capital city lost most of its firefighting equipment in the war and had to resort to using buckets to put out the flames. Primarily former Union soldiers, the firemen raised $5,000 — mostly in pennies — and sent the donation down south.

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