A look back at new equipment for 2013

CarolinaFireJournal - By David Pease
By David Pease The Reds Team
01/23/2014 -

We have now put another year behind us and time seems to just fly by. Seems like it was just summer and now we are in the middle of winter again and it’s 2014. It will be budget time again for those on a January fiscal year and time to start planning for those in the July first fiscal year. Money is still tight so we have to plan our spending to best benefit our needs. Having looked at some really innovative equipment this past year, I would like to recap some of the equipment. FDIC will be coming up in April and there will always be new designs and technology introduced for 2014.


Tech Trade introduced their new rope glove, the WPT8 Boss that featured reinforced Kevlar palms, finger tips, finger base and palm. This reinforcing is also found on the inner side of the fore finger and thumb. They use a cut resistant Kevlar coating as well. This glove also had really good dexterity and grip, which is paramount in doing any kind of rope work — whether rescue or tactical. Tech Trade has also changed their extrication glove and gone to a totally new design. This glove has better palm protection, finger protection and good overall dexterity. The glove also features a viral barrier for bloodborne protection. These just compliment their Pro-Tech 8 Titan and Fusion fire gloves. Both are excellent choices for structural firefighting. You can see more on their website,www.techtradellc.com.

Another great piece of PPE was the extrication/USAR coat and pants by TecGen. This was the outfit I found at one of the fire shows and found it to be a nice addition to my rescue gear. It can be used for extrication, confined space, trench rescue, agricultural rescue as well as other aspects of technical rescue. I wear mine for teaching classes as well as response. The gear is UL rated to surpass the NFPA 1951 guidelines for technical rescue and NFPA 1977 for wildland firefighting. The reinforced leg cuffs, knees, and elbows help a lot when rubbing against things. The knees also have pads that can be inserted. There are plenty of pockets in the pants and coat, including a radio pocket. The gear is trimmed in scotch lite reflective and comes with your departmental name on the back and a removable strip that can hold the member’s name. This gear is lightweight and comfortable. Visit their website atwww.tecgenxtreme.com, where you can see more about the gear they offer.

We looked at several items for stabilization and lifting. Rescue Jack had introduced the new Super X jack and strut, which incorporates the flipjack. They also brought in their new Super X air shore for trench rescue. The super X uses a tubular design that gives this strut an increased strength over the other struts. It also uses a locking collar instead of pins, and a lifting collar for the detachable jack, which has a 6000 pounds lift to 12 inches. The strut has a streamlined base with attachment rings and a higher profile for the use on big trucks. With the increased capability this strut is excellent for heavy vehicle rescue. The new Super X air shore features hooks at each end for the lowering lines, 15 degree swivels on each end to keep you within the OSHA standard, and the inner tube will not slide out but can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. The air shore will also accept extensions on either end. This will give the user more options for less expense when equipping to do trench rescue. The flipjack is a detachable jack that can be used in either of the vertical positions. If the jack handle is compromised, this will allow you to turn the jack around placing the handle in a different position. Visit Rescue Jack atwww.res-q-jack.com, for more information on their struts.

Turtle Cribbing also introduced their new Step-Cog, a step crib that offers multiple functions depending on how you place it. The Step-Cog can be used as a regular step crib in its upright attitude, but when flipped over it incorporates a sliding wedge that locks into place and remains level. The Step-Cog also uses square locking blocks that allow you to increase the height of the crib itself or can be used on the sliding wedge and increases its height. A really cool set up. Turtle Cribbing makes all types of cribbing for extrication as well as flooring tiles that can be used in your trucks or station. Plastic does have a great resistance to many chemicals as well as plain old wear and tear. The capacity of plastic cribbing is also higher than the pine we use for most cribbing. The other plus is we do save more trees. Check out Turtle Cribbing at, www.turtleplastics.com.

As we roll into 2014 I will continue to look for new equipment and technology to pass along. Old is good, but sometimes we have to move forward to better. This means that 2014 will probably be the year I replace my flip phone with a smart phone. I guess it is time to move from the old and confront the new. Take care and stay safe.

If you have any questions or comments, please shoot me an email at [email protected]. Until next time, train hard, be safe, and know your equipment.
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