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01/23/2014 -

Station Specs
Type Department: Combination
Number of Stations: One
Do you provide EMS? Yes
Annual Budget: $759,204
Area Covered Square miles: 2.3
Population: 5,300 Full Time 65,000 Vacationers
Total Runs: 890
Fire: 145 / EMS: 745
Chief: Daniel J. Cimini
Chief Officers: Three Battalion Captains {Shift Commanders}
Other Officers: One Volunteer Captain, Three Volunteer Lieutenants
Number of Members: Seven Career, 32 Volunteers
Address: 115 Highway 17 Business, North, Surfside Beach, SC 29575
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 843-613-6343


Community Outreach
Public Educations, Smoke Detector Give-A-Way Program, Monthly Senior Citizens Training Program, CPR Training Program for Residents called “Neighbors Saving Neighbors.”

Top 2 Concerns in your Community?
Vacation Visitors
Retired / Senior Residents

What Are You Doing for Fund raising?
None, due to the town provides all operational funds.

Our Volunteer group {SAFER} Surfside Area Firefighters and Emergency Responders hold barbecue sales and have a food court at the town 4th of July celebration to raise funds to help firefighters with medical payments, purchase clothing and toys for children whose parents may not be able too. They also help with purchase of training props and equipment such as TVs, computers and other training related items.

What Upgrades Will You Make to Your Department this Year?|
Refurb of a 1994 Pumper to bring it up to current NFPA Safety Standards; changing a squad over to a medium duty rescue; purchasing rescue tools, new color coded hose and nozzles for the three engines; new turnout gear for the volunteer members; creation of a library/study for the members (complete with a computer and a TV with DVD player to watch training programs); up-grading the meeting room into a training classroom/EOC.

Any special hazards or unique businesses in your community?
The fire department serves the Town of Surfside Beach, with a full time population of approximately 5,000 residents; however, there are approximately 1,000 additional workers who travel to the town each day and another one million visitors and tourists who visit the town throughout the year. The Town of Surfside Beach Fire Department has one continuously staffed fire station operating a three-shift system, which means three groups of firefighters work on one of three consecutive days and then have the next 48 hours off duty. Therefore, one of the three shifts (A, B or C) is always on duty. Each shift has a minimum manning level of two personnel on duty each day. All personnel hired are trained to a minimum level of Certified Firefighter II and First Responder.

Each day there is one engine staffed with a minimum of two firefighters, one of which is the shift supervisor, one Aerial Platform manned by volunteer firefighters when summoned , one engine manned by volunteer firefighters when summoned, one squad manned by volunteer firefighters when summoned and the fire chief on duty Monday through Friday.

We have a town owned fishing pier that spans about 200 yards out into the ocean that has several stores and a restaurant that is of wood construction.

As a resort community we have thousands of visitors each year which creates a unique challenge due to the rentals of homes, apartments and condos. We receive many calls where visitors do not know where they are when they call for help; or give wrong locations such as being on 16th Ave. North and giving 16th Ave South as a location.

Vehicle accidents are numerous due to the visitors not knowing the area and running stop signs or turning in front of other vehicles while looking at a store or restaurant.

Present Station Location
Station # 1 is located at 810 1st Ave North, Surfside Beach, S.C.

Calls for Service
In calendar year 2012 the Department responded to a total of 890 fire and medical calls for service. Overall trends indicate an increasing number of total calls for service with an increase in the number of fire alarms and medical related calls continuing to escalate at a rate commensurate with both the population growth, and the town’s continued appeal as a major resort.

Mission Statement
To support the town’s purpose; the fire department developed the following statement to be added to the town’s statement:

“The Surfside Fire Department will provide Fire, Rescue, First Responder Emergency Medical and Emergency services to our community and our visitors through a cost effective and efficient delivery system designed to enhance a safe environment for the public; to preserve life and property in our community by providing services directed at prevention and control of fires, accidents and other medical emergencies, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.”

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