Colleton County Fire-Rescue

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10/22/2013 -

Station Specs

Type Department:Combination — All Hazards

Number of Stations: 32

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: Als, Bls, FR – ALS (Paramedic) Transport

Specialty Operations: All — Suppression, Rescue (Vehicle, Confined Space, High and Low angle, Trench), Tech Level HazMat, ARFF, Water Rescue & Recovery (Divers), Fire Investigations

Annual Budget: 6.9 million

Area Covered Square miles: 1132 square miles

Population: 41,000

Total Runs: 7053

Fire: 470 EMS: 5565

Other: 1018

Chief: Barry McRoy

Chief Officers:

David Greene
Deputy Chief Marty Stallings
Asst Chief Daniel Barb
“C” Shift Battalion Chief Joseph Campbell
Chief Medical Officer/Battalion Chief Brent Dalton
“A” Shift Battalion Chief Scott Feather
Battalion Chief Training Benjamin Heape, “B” Shift Battalion Chief

Other Officers:

Fire Marshal, Captain Richard Sheffield
Fire Marshal, Lieutenant Michael Banks
Captain Richard Breland
Captain John Graham
Captain Louis Guess
Captain Dewayne Jacques
Captain Les McGraw
Captain Doug Mixson
Captain Sam Pinckney
Captain Mike Rohaus
Captain Ethan Shider
Captain Joshua Thomas
Captain Shane Rushton
Captain Scott Ulmer
Captain Matthew Williams
Captain Richie Wood

Number of Members: 256

Address: Colleton County Fire-Rescue, 113 Mable T. Willis Blvd, Walterboro, SC 29488

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 843-539-1960

Community Outreach: 843-539-1960


Top 2 Concerns in Your Community?

Public Education and violence prevention.

What Are You Doing for Fundraising?

We are an agency of county government and are not permitted to conduct fund raising.

What Upgrades Will You Make to Your Department this Year?

We have four new fire stations planned to extend coverage into rural communities.

Any special hazards or unique businesses in your community?

A Chemical Plant, A surplus garment facility that shreds clothing to produce rags. An asphalt production company, A power plant, Several Environmental cleanup companies, Two large nursing homes, A hospital, 28 miles of I-95 and 17 miles of CSX Rail, many agricultural operations and two industrial parks.

Any problems in your department that you would like feedback from others?

Recruitment and retention programs for volunteer (on-call) firefighters.

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Chief Barry McRoy

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