Lilesville Fire Department

CarolinaFireJournal -

10/22/2013 -

Station Specs

Type Department: Municipal

Number of Stations: 1

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: ALS, BLS, FR

Specialty Operations: Medium Rescue

Annual Budget: $200,000

Area Covered Square miles: 110

Population: 6000

Total Runs:650 Fire: 200 EMS: 450

Chief: Randy Henry

Chief Officers: Marty K. Morton Jr., Assistant Chief

Other Officers:2 captains, 2 Lieutenants

Number of Members: 30

Address: 202 West Wall Lilesville N.C. 28091

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 704-848-4194


Pictured l-r are Assistant Chief Marty Morton and Chief Randy Henry.

Community Outreach

Fire Prevention Programs, “Get alarmed” smoke detector program and Smoke Detector Battery Program.

Top 2 Concerns in Your Community?

The increasing level of activity on the water in our district is a concern. We have a 2500 acre lake (Blewett Falls) along the Pee Dee River that crosses into another county. We need a better mutual aid agreement with them to aid in the level of increasing calls in this area.

What Are You Doing for Fund raising?

We currently do not have a fund raising project.

What Upgrades Will You Make to Your Department this Year?

We will certify for Heavy Rescue in December along with the Surface Water Rescue Certification.

Any special hazards or unique businesses in your community?

Two power plants — one hydro, one fuel powered, 30 in natural gas main, water filtration plant, two rock quarries, one cement bagging plant, one large textile mill.

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