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Sherry Brooks
08/04/2013 -

We talk about “The Brotherhood” and the “passion” of firefighters. All very true. I have a friend whose dream was to be a firefighter. He got his acceptance this past week and he is ecstatic. Another hero in the making. But I think we sometimes forget that the departments are also businesses. David Denniston’s article on page seven speaks to handling your employee practice issues so you don’t land on the front page of the newspaper. He gives advice, ranging from interviews to polices and procedure check points. If you are in a leadership role in your department, his article will help you understand the issues and actions you need to take now.


What does fire fighting, French cuisine and fantastic training have in common? Lee Darnell explains in his article on page 28. Technology continues to impact all walks of life and education has been brought out of the classroom with online teaching. His article talks about the different kinds of online courses and also the special concerns for those in public safety.

Relationships are difficult, but even more so if you have long shifts away from each other. Dedra Cline gives a lesson on the “5 Love Languages.” It’s interesting if only to find out what your love language is. But as Dedra points out, with a high divorce rate among emergency workers, “it is important to learn our significant other’s love language.” Her article is on page 66 in The Homefront section.

If you have a chance, attend the South Atlantic Fire/Rescue Expo Aug. 7-10 in Raleigh. They have added the BBQ Throwdown this year with a competition between fire departments — we are all looking forward to a taste — also workshops, hands on training, fire truck parade, antique apparatus, Hazmat Challenge and more. The keynote speaker is Randolph Mantooth, best known for his work in the 1970s medical drama, Emergency! as Johnny Gage, a Los Angeles County Fire Dept. paramedic. Visit for more information.

We are pleased to announce Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal has partnered with the Florida Fire Chiefs Association in promoting their annual Fire-Rescue East Conference, Jan. 23-25 in Daytona Beach, Fla. Attending regional conferences is a great chance for us to connect with new products and services that will benefit the Carolinas. We will be present and hope to see some of you there. Visit for more information.

Let me hear your questions, concerns, what you’d like to see in the publication or if you are interested in being a contributor. E-mail me at [email protected].
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