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York Fire Department

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04/21/2013 -


York Fire Department

Type Department: Combination

Number of Stations: 1

Do you provide EMS? Yes, BLS only.

Specialty Operations: Extrication and Rescue.

Annual Budget: $748,081.00

Area Covered Square miles: Sixty-four square miles — largest in the county.

Population: 25,000

Total Runs: 952

Fire: 647 EMS: 305

Chief: Domenic Manera

Chief Officers: Assistant Chief Gary Good

Other Officers: 1 Captain, 3 Lieutenants

Number of Members: 39, 9 paid and one administration (non FF)

Address: 14 North Roosevelt Street, York, SC 29745

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 803-684-1700


Chief Domenic Manera

How are you reaching out to the community?

We still give, free of charge, and install smoke alarms to anyone in need.

In 2012 we conducted 114 fire safety classes in our schools and had 2517 participants.

Top 2 Concerns in Your Community?

  1. The fast growing population will tax our current system
  2. How are we going to keep up with the demand that the public has grown to expect, and most important how are we going to continue to be funded to pay for the increase in service

What Are You Doing for Fundraising?

We do a Fish Fry each year. Also, several times in the summer months we will do car washes. This money is used to pay for the smoke alarms and some other special equipment that is needed.

What Upgrades Will You Make to Your Department this Year?
There was money put into the budget for our first substation that will be manned. We hope to get started this year on the planning and construction.

Any special hazards or unique businesses in your community?

No, most of the downtown is historic district. All single family and multifamily with some light industries.

Any problems in your department that you would like feedback from others?

What are the other departments doing for staffing, recruitment and retention?

Keeping our volunteers is getting tougher because we are asking them to train more and more each year. Where will it end?

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