Myrtle Beach saltwater fishing tip for rookies

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01/10/2013 -

Be Sure to Get a License!
South Carolina requires anglers 16 years old and up to obtain a Saltwater Fishing License. A two week permit for a non resident is $14; a SC resident is $5.

Be Familiar with Regulations!
Most shark species are not allowed to be kept and there are limits to how much fish you can take. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) provides a Hunting and Fishing Manual that will get you up to speed on what’s legal.

Fish in the Early Morning Hours!
Beach goers typically start setting up their sunbathing spots around 9 a.m.


Where to Fish
Fishing from a top local pier is a great alternative to surf fishing because the entrance fee includes a permit and you won’t have to worry about fishing around sunbathers. PirateLand is located near Springmaid Pier, Surfside Pier, and the Pier at Garden City.

Stay Clear of Others
Keep a good distance between you and the next fisherman to avoid tangled lines.

What Bait to Use
Local anglers say the best type of bait to use in this area is fresh shrimp, live/cut mullet, mud minnows and sand fleas. Keep in mind specific types of fish may have a preference. Keep your bait covered so birds stay away, and cold to preserve its appealing odor.

Catch and Release
If you are “catch and release” fishing, SCDNR recommends using circular hooks because they are most likely to catch the fish by the mouth as opposed to its gills, which will enhance the chance of the fish living. Also, using non-stainless steel hooks is best because they disintegrate.

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Calendar of Events
Whatever time of year you choose to visit Myrtle Beach, you can count on finding year-round sunshine and a refreshing ocean breeze. What else will you discover? You’ll find there are plenty of year-round opportunities for recreation. The Myrtle Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau provides an up-to-date and comprehensive list of exciting South Carolina events, from arts and craft expos to historical celebrations to cultural festivals.

Want to spend more time outdoors while on vacation? Plan your stay around one of the areas fishing competitions or outdoor festivals like the popular Beach, Boogie and BBQ or Little River Blue Crab Festival. From square dancing contests to chili cook-offs, with our wide variety of events that occur throughout the year, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Take your pick from a wide variety of events and attractions that include:

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