Robinson Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.

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01/10/2013 -


Robinson Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.

Type Department: Combination

Number of Stations: 1

Do you provide EMS? Yes, first responder BLS

Any Specialty Operations? Yes, NC State Heavy Rescue Certified

Annual Budget: $255,000.00

Area Covered Square miles: 6.92

Population: 4,940

Total Runs: 760 Fire: 263

EMS: 497

Chief: Robbie Honeycutt

Chief Officers: Asst. Chief Jason Myers, Asst. Chief Ted Boone

Other Officers: 5 Captains, 1 Incident Safety Officer

Number of Members: 33

Address: 5304 Mecklenburg Shrine Club Road Charlotte, NC 28229

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 704-536-6876


Chief Robbie Honeycutt

How are You Reaching Out to the Community?

We are not due to the drastic change in our district; we have lost a very large portion due to annexation. The County Fire Marshal’s office does the outreach with smoke detectors, fire and life safety and education in the schools. There are no schools and about 6 churches in our area now.

Top Two Concerns in Your Community

1) New Interstate 485 runs through a portion of the district. We are concerned about the amount of traffic this will bring, high speed crashes, and the Hazardous Materials that are transported on the Interstate.

2) There are too many areas in the district without Hydrants.

What Are You Doing for Fundraising?

We are no longer doing any fire department fundraising due the new tax district support passed this year.

What Upgrades Will You Make to Your Department this Year?

We have added a new Thermal Imaging Camera to one of the trucks. New Hydraulic tools were added to one of the trucks. We currently have a grant in for an ATV to assist with medical calls in the County Park that is adjacent to our station. This park is 205 acres with 14 miles of mountain bike trails.

Any Special Hazards or Unique Businesses in Your Community?

No, we have no commercial buildings, only single family and multifamily apartments.

Any Problems You Would Like Feedback from Other Departments in the Carolinas?

Yes, the same question everyone has but is afraid to ask for help. What are other departments doing to recruit and retain volunteers? Most of our volunteers come in and only stay for a year or two.

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