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David Pease The Reds Team
10/05/2012 -

As we move into the second half of the year, we can only look back at things that have happened and look forward to things that will. As our budgets get tighter, we have to look closer at our needs and the equipment that may best fit those needs. We have to now become thriftier with our dollars in every purchase we make — always looking for more bang for the buck.

I had the opportunity to use the new flip jacks by Rescue Jack and the new rope gloves by Tech Trade. Both proved to be worthy pieces of equipment or PPE. The Rescue Jacks have been around for some time now and have proven to be one of the best stabilization struts on the market. They are one of the companies that continues to improve and add to what they have on the market. Both, the newer steel X-strut and the aluminum X-strut have a detachable jack that allows for lifting of a vehicle, but can also be removed and used on another strut. The problem that sometimes occurs is the handle will be inhibited by part of the vehicle. This in turn will not allow for the lift as you will not be able to turn the jack handle. Hence comes the “FlipJack.” This detachable jack can be used in two positions, one with the handle up and one with the handle down.


By using different end attachments, the “FlipJack” can be used on either the steel X-strut or the aluminum X-strut. This jack also carries the 6000 pound lift capability as the other jacks and can have added end fittings to be used for spreading. Stay tuned for the new Super X-strut to be discussed in a later issue. For more information on the jacks, visit their website at

As a rope instructor I am always on the lookout for a good pair of rope gloves. I have found over the years that most gloves are either a bit stiff and lack the dexterity I need for the rope work we do, or the palms get really hot when doing rappels, especially teaching tactical rappelling to the SRT and SWAT teams. Both of these issues have proven frustrating over the years. Over the past two years and with several changes in design, the new Tech trade rope glove, WPT8 Boss, has proven to be a worthwhile addition to your collection.

The main part of the glove is silicone coated Kevlar that gives the needed protection while offering the flexibility you need for handling rope and tying knots. The palm side has reinforced areas on the finger tips, finger base and palm that use a level three coated and cut resistant Kevlar. This reinforcing is also found on the inner side of the fore finger and thumb. This gives the rappeller a better grip and protection as the rope passes through their hand. The finger tips are also silicone coated reinforced Kevlar.

The cuffs on the gloves use Velcro so the wrist can be adjusted and tightened. The gloves could be used for extrication, but you would not want to use them for rope after utilizing them in any extrication work. I have found they work quite well for rope work and will continue to use them as my rope and rappelling glove. For information on the Boss glove or any of the Tech Trade fire and extrication gloves you can visit their website at

Next issue we’ll look at some more equipment worth adding to your cache. Be sure to do your research before buying. Until next time, train hard, be safe, and know your equipment.

If you have questions or comments e-mail David Pease at [email protected] and visit the team web site at
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