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08/01/2012 -


Fairview Vol. Fire Dept., Buncombe County Station #3

Chief: Scott A. Jones

Other Officers: Battalion Chiefs: A-Shift: Steven Lytle, B-Shift: Darren Franklin, C-Shift: Tommy Aley

Captain: Tony Garrison

Lieutenants: A-Shift: Christian Miller

B-Shift: Brian McDougal, Tyler Vess

C-Shift: TJ Hill, Alan Wright

Volunteer: Larry Dotson

Number Staff or Volunteers: 22 Career (3 Battalion Chiefs, 1 Captain, 5 Lieutenants, 12 Firefighters); 10 Volunteer Firefighters; 1 Volunteer Lieutenant

Address: P.O. Box 244, 1586 Charlotte Highway, Fairview, NC 28730

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 828-628-2001


Fire Chief Scott A. Jones

How are you reaching out to the community?

We try our best to remain available to all of our community events. We provide fire and life safety education to the elementary and middle schools, churches, child care facilities and all of the civic groups located in our district. We remain “visible” in the community by attending many of the community functions that go on throughout the year (sporting events, fall festivals, community center functions etc.). We have three community centers in our district and they keep us well informed of their functions so that we may show our support of them as well as providing fire and life safety education to the community during their events. We also provide fire and life safety education, fire extinguisher training, CPR instruction, and assist with evacuation drills in the schools and businesses in our district. We keep the community informed about the department and fire prevention and safety by submitting monthly articles to our community newspaper.

Top two concerns in your community?

One concern in our community is the large scale developments that have constructed numerous homes in the mountainous areas of our district which now increases the response to Wildland Urban Interface fires as well as making the response to fires and medical emergencies extremely difficult during the winter months due to snow and ice on the steep and winding roads and driveways.

The second concern is the growth of large scale homes and developments in the southern end of our district. Before the economy tanked a few years ago this area experienced tremendous growth. These areas that are now consumed by large homes and developments once were farmland. Now hundreds of thousands of acres have been turned into residential developments which have caused an increase in emergency incidents in these areas. We need a substation in this area to drastically reduce our response times as well as maintain our Insurance Classification.

What are you doing for fundraising?

We have a fire department auxiliary which is made up of current and former firefighter spouses, and members of the community. They support the fire department and the firefighters by organizing and providing many different fundraisers throughout the year. They have cooked many different meals as a fundraiser; they have raised funds through family portraits, sales of community cookbooks, etc. We have held many open houses with food, singing and raffles for donations. We also have numerous citizens and businesses that donate money to the department on a regular basis. We use these funds to purchase equipment for the department and provide food and drinks to all of the emergency personnel on incidents with extended operating periods.

Two years ago the firefighters approached the fire department auxiliary with a request for assistance in purchasing a used fire prevention trailer to aid in the delivering of our fire and life safety education program to the schools, businesses, and churches in our district. The firefighters and the auxiliary together held fundraisers and collected donations. We set a goal, and in just a few months we had raised enough money to begin looking for a used fire prevention trailer. We located a used fire prevention trailer that had been listed for sale and we purchased the fire prevention trailer. That one fundraiser enabled us to provide fire and life safety education to over 4000 people thus far.

What upgrades will you make to your department this year?

As with all other fire departments, our budget will not allow the replacement or addition of any apparatus or major purchases. We are able to maintain the equipment we have and keep our personal protective equipment repaired/ replaced, but we will not be making any apparatus or large equipment purchases.

The one major upgrade that we have been working on is the addition of a substation in the southern part of our district. We purchased property for this station back in 2008, but due to the economy we have been unable to acquire funds to construct the station. We continue to research areas where we may secure funding or grants to construct the station.

Other comments?

I would like to publicly thank all of our personnel for their dedication, commitment, unselfishness and professionalism that they give to the Fairview Vol. Fire Dept. and the community on a daily basis. I would also like to thank the Fairview Vol. Fire Dept. Board of Directors and Auxiliary for their continued support and dedication in making this department run efficiently.

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