WANTED - Historical Photos from North Carolina Fire Departments

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05/09/2012 -
RALEIGH - This year marks the 125th anniversary of the North Carolina State Firemen's Association.

Several special events and projects are being planned to celebrate this historic event during the Conference in August.

You are invited to participate! Please send us any historic photos that you may have of your department. We're looking for fires, firehouses, personnel, apparatus - pretty much anything that illustrates how your department USED to look.

If you have scanned digital photos, email them to [email protected].

If you have prints that you would like to submit, mail them to:

North Carolina State Firemen's Association
323 West Jones Street
Suite 401
Raleigh, NC 27603

When sending photos via mail, please advise us if you wish for us to return the photos after scanning.

Learn more about the August Conference at www.southatlanticfirerescueexpo.com.

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The blog posting aprepas to place all the blame for the strike on the workers, even to the point of paying inconvenienced parties. There are always two sides to bargaining, labor and management. If it were possible to reimburse harmed parties, both sides should pay. In the US there is great anti-labor sentiment by the general public started in the 1980s. A little labor history and labor economics reading would help see both sides to strikes.