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04/24/2012 -
Join Firefighters from all around the country May 20-23, 2012 at Myrtle Beach, S.C. for the Never Forget Memorial Golf Outing.

In May of 1992 The Alfred E. Ronaldson Spring Golf Classic started in Orange County, New York. It expanded and grew for 10 years and became the “World’s Largest Golf Outing.” May 2001 was the 10th and final year and over 1,500 golfers attended.  The “Ronaldson” became the pride and joy of the FDNY. Each year it produced more stories and antics than we could list — in short it was fun! It was dubbed “The Woodstock of Golf.” This event wasn’t your country club outing. Sounds of Led Zeppelin filled the air along with the smell of steaks on the grill.

Alfred Ronald was a member of Rescue 3 in the Bronx and died January 1991. Al was one of the greatest firemen you could have ever known. He left behind a family of five children and his wife Kim. She is our supporter and our reason to continue.  The “final event” was held in May of 2001 with 14 courses and 1700 golfers.  On stage with well over 2500 firefighters at the picnic we welcomed everyone to the final Alfred E Ronaldson which was met with very loud “boooo!”  
Just four months after our final “Ronaldson” September 11 happened. The world changed. In the months that followed September 11 our members struggled to hold themselves together. We, as firefighters, now had to deal with our families. We received little guidance from our leaders and chose to follow the path of Tradition, Honor and Brotherhood. This path was not easy but we remained dedicated to its course. 

With 343 funerals, services and memorials to attend, we did our best. The one thing that we didn’t expect was the world of firefighters that came to our side. They came to attend our funerals and in the end they helped us get through those tough times. 

We, the members of the Myrtle Beach Never Forget Memorial Golf Outing (MBNFMGO) thank our supporters and for reinforcing our beliefs. Tradition, Honor and Brotherhood is the only way.

In May 2002, we hosted our first Memorial Golf Outing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We welcomed firefighters and friends from around the country to join us celebrating the lives of firefighters no longer with us and the brotherhood we all share. The Memorial Golf Outing will always embody the spirit and memory of Alfred Ronaldson Tournament, and we extended invitations to all of the Alfred Ronaldson’s of the world. This event is dedicated our Brothers. The event has continued to get better with each passing year, as more firefighters join the pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach. The fun and excitement of the outing has surpassed what the tournament committee envisioned years ago. This event has become a celebration of our brotherhood.

A New Beginning... 
As the 10 years of the 9/11 FDNY golf came to an end, the spirit and camaraderie that had been formed over the past 20 years still would not end. The committee got together and decided that the tradition must continue on in hopes that members of this elite brotherhood and others would continue to make the pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach to honor those who have passed on.

This year, The Myrtle Beach Never Forgets Memorial Golf Outing  has adopted the Firefighters Cancer Support Network (FCSN). The FCSN was a grassroots organization started in Los Angeles to help firefighters. Their mission is to provide fire department members and their families with an opportunity to receive assistance when dealing with cancer. They also offer education to every fire firefighter regarding the importance of cancer screening and early detection. They promote awareness that cancer does not have to be dealt with alone; together we can make a difference.

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Thanks for sharing t 
Thanks for sharing this! I would not have rebeemmr it was today unless I saw this. I rebeemmr I was in my 4th grade class room and we could hear it all the way in MWC. So sad. Taking a moment of silence today. xoxo Tess
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