Firefighter Games coming to Raleigh in June

Centennial celebration with parade, apparatus muster and more

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Mike Legeros
04/23/2012 -

Grab your buckets and get your team together for a firefighter’s competition in downtown Raleigh on Saturday, June 16.

The games are part of a day-long public event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Raleigh Fire Department.

Firefighters across the southeast are invited to compete. Each team is limited to four members. Full protective personal equipment will be required for some games.

Planned contest events include a Bucket Brigade, with water thrown on a simulated rooftop; Command Post, with verbal instructions to blindfolded firefighters; Hose Coupling and Shoot, with two sections of hose to connect and charge; and Quick Dress, with timed donning of PPE.


Dueling hose streams at the 27th Annual Firefighter Competition in Southport on July 3, 2010. Mike Legeros photo.

Bucket Brigade

This timed event starts with four contestants wearing full PPE. At the signal, they’ll proceed 50 feet to a line of buckets. These will be perpendicular to a dump tank full of water. Contestants will fill the buckets, run 20 feet to a simulated rooftop, stop 10 feet from the rooftop, and throw their water onto the rooftop. Gutters will direct the water into a barrel. This process is repeated. The time stops when the barrel is full.

Command Post

Date Change: Please note that the Saturday, June 9 date printed in the last issue has been changed to Saturday, June 16.

This is a single elimination event. Three blindfolded contestants wearing full PPE will drop to their knees, locate their hose line, and begin spraying in the direction of the fourth contestant standing in a water container. The fourth contestant will give verbal directions to the other three. The team with the most water in their container after a timed period wins.

North Carolina State Firemen’s Association convention in Henderson, July 1929.

Coupling and Shoot

This timed events starts with all four contestants separated from their PPE. At the signal, they’ll run to their gear and dress in full PPE. They’ll then run 25 feet, connect two sections of hose, connect the hose to the nozzle, connect the other end to the hydrant, and direct a stream of water 75 feet to a target. Time stops when the target falls.

Quick Dress

This timed event also starts with all four contestants separated from their personal protective equipment. At the signal, they’ll run to their gear and dress in full PPE. Time stops when all four contestants are fully dressed.

The games will start at 1:00 p.m. and will be located in the parking lots in front of the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

Advance registration is required to participate in the firefighter games on June 16. Register your team or find more information at

Event Schedule for June 16

Mike Legeros photo.

Scene from the 26th Annual Fireman’s Day in Warrenton on September 26, 2009.

Parade — The day’s festivities begin at 9:00 a.m. with a parade in downtown Raleigh featuring antique apparatus, modern fire engines, several pipe bands and a few surprises.

Fire departments and antique apparatus owners throughout the southeast are invited to participate. Register or learn more at

Fire Apparatus Muster After the parade, owners of antiques can participate in static displays or pumping demonstrations. Displayed apparatus will be parked along South Street in front of the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts. Pumping engines spanning the 20th century will be attending, including American LaFrance, Seagrave, Mack and Hahn apparatus.

Pumping will be conducted in a parking lot at the corner of East Lenoir and South Wilmington streets. Drafting from supplied drop tanks is preferred, but a hydrant will also be available.

Portable monitors will also be provided for apparatus not equipped with deluge guns. Each engine will pump for 15 or 30 minutes. An area will be designated for spectators and media. Pumping will start at 11:30 a.m.

Firefighter Games — See information above. The games will start at 1:00 p.m. and will be located in the parking lots in front of the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

Kid’s Zone — A special area for children will open after the parade and continue all day. Activities are planned based on the history of the fire service, such as junior firefighter games with bucket brigades. Children who participate should be prepared to get wet.

Demonstrations about fire safety and hands-on displays will be available for kids and their parents. They can also meet such familiar characters as Sparky and Smokey Bear.

Information Booths — Additional displays and materials for all ages will be provided, including educational material about fire safety and historical information about the Raleigh Fire Department.

Birthday Cake — Have a slice of birthday cake, while supplies last. Birthday cake will be served at one of the booths after the parade.

Trophies— Trophies will be awarded to the winners of the firefighter games, as well as in several categories for apparatus in the parade and muster.

For more information about these events and other 100th Anniversary activities, visit

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