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David Hesselmeyer
04/23/2012 -

Several months ago I was contacted by the staff at Fireman’s Shield who make Dragon Fire gloves. They wanted me to take a look at their Alpha X structural firefighting gloves. I was definitely interested as I have always just used whatever my fire department had given me. I had always been more concerned about getting a new fire helmet or something else. Maybe I should have considered new gloves sooner in my career ... guess we will see.


First off, the staff at Fireman’s Shield were great to deal with. There was easy communication back and forth. I can only guess that all of their customer service is of the same standard.

Shipping is contingent on many factors including when the company packages the item, the shipping company, etc. Nevertheless I received my gloves within a couple days from finalizing my size. So, if patience is not something you have, do not fear as your gloves will arrive quickly.

Now I know you did not start reading this column to hear about shipping and customer service so let’s get on with the gloves.

The first time I tried these gloves, two thoughts came to mind. First, they did not feel like that they had to be worn awhile before they fit. That is something that is very important to firefighters who want to be able to grab stuff and go. Secondly, I felt like I was Robert Downey, Jr. in the movie Iron Man I put these on the gloves and it felt as if they molded to my hands.

This led me to want to take these gloves and try a few things.

First, I put both gloves on and tried to pick up a pencil off the floor. I was easily able to pick the pencil up with one hand with these Alpha X gloves. I also tried this with the standard gloves I have used for several years and was not able to duplicate this success.

I also tried several other type exercises with the gloves. I used tools such as screwdrivers and pliers — as we might do in fires and such. Each time I was successful in performing these actions with these gloves.

In summary, I have learned that a good pair of gloves can make or break the whole turnout gear. In my opinion these Dragon Fire Alpha X gloves do fit the bill well. They made me more efficient in performing the job while using fire gloves.

I would recommend you taking a look at these gloves and see if they are what you need to complete your turnout gear.

As a side note, I want to send warm get well wishes to Ethan Sorrell of Buies Creek Fire Department and Bladensburg Fire Department (Maryland) and Kevin O’Toole of Bladensburg Fire Department who were hurt battling a structure fire recently. Guys I hope you heal well and look forward to seeing you both back on the rigs!

David Hesselmeyer has over 11 years experience in fi re and EMS. Hesselmeyer works for the Public Health Regional Surveillance (PHRST) Team 3 out of Cumberland County as a Regional Emergency Management Planner. He can be reached at [email protected].
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Yes I do have gloves leeahtr work soft winter gloves and First-aid Latex gloves in my bag And my giant FEMA / Red Cross Disaster Shelter Box extra sets for working as a Cook at a Shelter I am a Mass Care feeding worker for Hurricanes in Florida mini first-aid sanitation / cleaning up anything that could have Germs to stop the spread of the common cold

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