Southeast Association of Fire Chiefs 2012 Conference

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04/23/2012 -

The 84th Annual Southeast Association of Fire Chiefs Conference will be held June 13-16, 2012 at the Embassy Suites Hampton Roads-Hotel and Spa Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia.


Connect and learn with top presenters and exhibitors. There will be 15 Education Programs and 100 plus exhibitors.

See the SEAFC website for more Classes, Presenters and information


Programs and Presenters

  • “Dealing with Bad News: DC Fire; it’s Not Just a Job
    Chief Dennis Rubin
  • “Adaptive Fire ground Management: Predictive Strategies & Tactical Patience"
    Chief Christopher Naum
  • “Personnel Management for Fire Service Leaders”
    Chief Jeffrey R. Roemer
  • “Are We Really Operating Safe Apparatus?”
    Tom Shand
  • “Fighting Fires with Data”
    Joe Fackel
  • “Billing for Fire Services: Don’t Leave Money on the Table”
    Diane L. Vick
  • “Cultural Drift - the True Cost of Non-Compliance”
    Jeff Griffin
  • “Managing Effective Radio Communications for Fire Ground Operations”
    Engineer David J Bullard
  • “Current Risk Management Issues Facing Fire Chiefs Today”
    Chief William Jenaway
  • “ICC and You”
    Mel Cosgrove
  • “Fit For Duty: How to Implement a Job Specific Fitness Program in your Fire Department”
    Doctor Gonzalo Fernandez
    Doctor Lance Walker
  • “Surviving the Crash — Fire Apparatus Maintenance and the Law”
    Stephen Wilde and Jim Juneau
  • “Leading the Transition in Volunteer and Combination Fire Departments”
    Ron J. Cheves

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  2/4/2013 11:42:31 AM
D.C. Greer 

VP, Government Capital Corporation 
Don't see any topics relative to financing options from sources outside paying cash and/or grants. I suggest an education class introducing viable options from the private market at some point. It would be very helpful to departments knowing other avenues in which to explore.