Mock rescue drill

CarolinaFireJournal - Capt. Alan W. Booth
Capt. Alan W. Booth
04/23/2012 -

Rocky Mount N.C. Fire Department Technical Emergency Rescue Team (TERT) conducted a mock rescue drill as part of their February monthly specialized team training.

Members were notified around 0850 of a skydiving accident (drill) that involved the rescue of two victims. Crews from Ladder 30, Squad 1,were dispatched on an alternate tactical channel so that normal shift personnel weren’t affected. The response to the incident included a Ladder Company, Squad Company, the T.E.R.T team and the team’s equipment trailer. Fourteen personnel in all participated in the special mock drill.


Photo by Bob Bartosz

Rescue drill actions included: assessment, treatment, packaging of parachutist with multiple injuries from entanglement, who was hanging from a local water tower. A second victim had to be located and removed from a second location, using 35 foot extension ladder to access roof to reach catwalk ropes and rigging while maintaining a safe working environment and utilizing the incident command system (ICS).

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