Associations announce co-location of 2012 South Carolina Fire Conference

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01/11/2012 -
The S.C. State Firefighters’ Association and the S.C. State Association of Fire Chiefs have announced, during the 2011 S.C. Fire Chief’s Conference in Anderson, the intended co-location of conferences for both of the Associations.

Chief Alan Sims of the Belton Fire Department and President of the State Chiefs, offered the desire of his organization to provide quality training, exhibitor opportunities, and effect cost saving features for the membership.

“The Leadership of the Chief’s Association feels it can be nothing but a benefi t to our conference attendees to hold our two conferences at the same time and location,” Chief Sims said.

The 2012 conferences of the two South Carolina Associations will be held on June 4 - 9, 2012 in Myrtle Beach at the Convention Center.

“The combined programs will offer attendees more venues for networking while providing savings to many who attend both conferences. This format will get more persons involved and ensure both Associations progress together. A win-win situation,” said Chief Ken Kerber, President of the Firefighters’ Association and Chief of the Fort Mill Fire Department.

Both presidents were quick to point out the mutual savings to both associations and the combined benefits to attendees. The co-located program will begin on June 4 with a golf tournament and early Chief’s registration. Conference hands-on programs will begin on Tuesday morning and last through Wednesday. The chief’s opening program will start at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5, continue through Wednesday, and provide reports on the chief’s association’s work and training programs for attendees.

The fi refi ghters’ association opening ceremony will still occur as usual on Thursday morning of that week and the program is formatted as previous years.

“This co-located arrangement provides fi refi ghters and officers from around the state an opportunity to receive the value of both programs, boost attendance, and get the greatest exposure to fi re service issues that can be offered to our state,” says Joe Palmer, Executive Director of the S.C. State Firefighters’ Association. Palmer stated that the S.C. Fire-Rescue Conference sees on average 6,000 attendees, has training for 1200 students, and offers time with over 140 vendors from around the country.

Chief Kerber offered that the merging of the two venues will only improve both organizations.

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