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01/11/2012 -

Water Response Training Council Formed

In November, seven US-based public safety diving training associations came together in an unprecedented round-table meeting at the DEMA Show venue in Orlando, Florida, to form the Water Response Training Council. This new council’s charter is to improve the safety of public safety divers and consumers through development of minimum training standards.

The following associations: Dive Rescue International (DRI), Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI), International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD), Life Guard Systems (LGS), PADI, PSDA and US Water Rescue are founding members of the new council.

The next meeting of the Water Response Training Council will take place early 2012.


Battalion 2 with Jack Harding and Dave Weddle

Fire Fitness Guide

Although we’re in the profession of protecting and helping the public, we too often neglect ourselves and our body. In order to provide the services we’re sworn to provide to the public, we need to understand the importance of our being as physically able to perform our roles.

With this in mind, we developed the Fit to Fight Fire Fitness Guide, written by Todd Platner, for public safety professionals. The firefighter-specific guide offers various exercises and injury-prevention tips geared toward firefighting.

The Fit to Fight Fire Fitness Guide is available through

RAZORTM EX passes evaluation

Idaho Technology, Inc. (ITI) announced that the RAZOR EX BioThreat Detection System was approved and certified as an AOAC Performance Tested SM method for the detection of Bacillus anthracis spores collected by air collection devices onto filter or liquid matrices.

The RAZOR EX is the first and only system to successfully pass the rigorous evaluation process. The certification is part of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sponsored program to establish a national program for the testing and validation of biosurveillance systems to provide guidance to first responders, public health, and government agencies in procuring equipment.

For more information visit

Kimtek’s Firelite Supermax Delivers More Water

Kimtek Corporation has introduced the new FIRELITE™ SUPERMAX Transport compact skid unit for ATV/UTVs. For customers interested in larger tank sizes, Kimtek has designed the FIRELITE SUPERMAX with safety in mind. The SUPERMAX allows departments to meet their water capacity needs while not exceeding ATV/UTV cargo bed capacities. FIRELITE skid units offer a versatile, cost effective quick response solution for remote and facility fire service use. Rugged and rustproof, the lightweight slip-in fire skid unit offers quality construction at an affordable cost.

For more information, contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358 or visit the company Web site at

Kochek Introduces New Storz Stainless Steel Locking Device

Kochek Company has introduced a new Storz Locking Device to enhance equipment security. The stainless steel locking device can be installed on any manufactures four inch or five inch Storz fitting to safely secure caps, valves or hoses.

Applications for the locking device include protecting fire hydrant waterways, deterring the thefts of caps, preventing entry of obstructions into fire sprinkler system connections, securing temporary or emergency hose lines and valves, and to Tag/Lock-Out out of service hydrants. A “Breakaway” lock is recommended for fire sprinkler Storz connections. The Storz Locking Device is made in the USA and is supplied with two pieces as a set with instructions.

For more information, contact Kochek at 800-420-4673 or visit the company Web site at

The Weddle Tool Co. Visits Concord High School Fire Academy

In August, Chief Barlow met Jack Harding of the Weddle Tool Company at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh, NC. The consensus was that the recruits of the CHSFA needed to have one of their Forcible Entry Tools called the W- Tool. This would launch the recruits to the next level of skill beyond just the basics with F&E.

After several e-mails and a couple of phone calls the date was set and Dave Weddle, the President of the Company and Jack Harding, the Vice President of Business Operations drove down on Nov. 16 from West Virginia and set up their props in the Commons area at the high school. The following morning the Intro to Public Safety class set up the area for local area firefighters and law enforcement officers to assemble and participate in the Train the Trainer class along with our Battalion 2 recruits. After completing the class, the W-Tool and a Fan Hanger Tool were presented to the Fire Academy.

During the off season when we are not going to be using the Tool for Training, we will share the W-Tool with the Concord Department of Fire and Life Safety and get their input.

For more information visit

General Devices Rosetta 12-Lead Reports Compatible with Muse System

General Devices has announced that 12-lead ECGs from ZOLL and Philips monitor sent via Rosetta-DS or Rosetta-Lt and received by General Devices’ CAREpoint Workstation can now be sent into GE’s MUSE ECG management systems. The arrangements between General Devices and GE Health Care resulting in this interoperability greatly enhances the process of sending, storing and distributing 12-lead ECGs for hospital and Emergency Medical Services using these two popular systems. According to Curt Bashford, General Devices’ President, “This capability is just another example of General Devices’ focus on improving communications, documentation and information management for emergency medicine. Without it you had two islands of data, and now they are bridged.”

The first large scale use of the two combined systems is at the Trident Health System in Charleston South Carolina, involving two county-wide EMS agencies covering over 1,500 square miles — Trident Medical Center and Summerville Medical Center.

Using this system, Charleston County EMS is now sending 12-lead ECGs from their ZOLL monitors via Rosetta-DS, using their tough books and 3G cellular. Dorchester County EMS is sending 12-lead ECGs via Rosetta-Lt over their two-way trunked radio. The field reports are received on the CAREpoint Workstations at both hospitals where they are viewed, printed and exported to MUSE for archiving and management along with in-hospital ECGs, merging Trident Health System’s pre hospital and in-hospital ECG related activities.

According to Allison Walters, RN, Assistant VP Cardiovascular Services for Trident Health System: “This new capability allows our physicians to pull up the EKG on MUSE and view it prior to arrivals, help verify EKG changes, provide feedback to our STEMI team (EMS, ED staff and physicians, cardiologists and Cath team) and improves our review process for educational purposes and quality improvement.”

Visit for more information.

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