Local firefighter donates pet oxygen masks

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01/11/2012 -

In recent months we have all seen news stories of people being pulled from burning buildings though the heroic efforts of firefighters and revived with the aid of an oxygen mask.

But, how many of us have stopped to think about our “other family members” who may need to be rescued as well?

Christopher Young, owner of Sleeping Dog Sales and volunteer at Bayleaf, has been raising money to make sure North Carolina fire departments have “pet oxygen masks” ready to use as needed. Mr. Young recognized the need for more masks during his service as a firefighter.


Through his small business, Sleeping Dog Sales, he sells specially-made “canine cookies” (purchased from a local bakery) and uses the proceeds to buy the masks. Through the sale of the cookies and generous donations, he has been able to supply masks to several departments already.

A kit consists of three masks in different sizes, connects to a standard oxygen tank. The masks do not require any special regulator and can be operated by any one on the scene of an emergence. The masks are supplied free-of-charge to any department that needs them. All the department has to do is just ask for a set. Along with the donation a short training session is also provided.

We got in the business of saving lives, so lets do our best and save all lives, whether they have two legs, four paws, fur, feathers or anything else.

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