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Sherry Brooks
01/11/2012 -
I was reacquainted with an old friend recently. Most of you know my partner in crime, Gwen Shuford, and most of you know she’s the leader. She was asking our business neighbors where they were having their Christmas party, yes Christmas not holiday, and they told her the Palmer Building. They explained that it was a building renovated by the Charlotte Fire Department. image

Of course Gwen and I were intrigued. We quickly googled the name and when I saw the photo I remembered it as Firemen’s Hall. I was taken back to 1965 when I attended our football banquet for the Derita Demons. I didn’t play football, but cheered the team in my brown felt uniform. It was on the sidewalks of Firemen’s Hall that I fell and cracked my two front teeth. Thankfully they didn’t fall out and I still have them after all these years.

The Palmer Fire School was built in 1940, led by Charlotte Fire Chief William Hendrix Palmer. He served Charlotte from 1927 to 1948. The school was a leading firefighting training facility in North Carolina and one of the finest in the nation. In 1976 the training division relocated to a new facility and the school was abandoned. The building was in such bad shape that it was condemned and recommended for demolition.

The Charlotte Firefighter’s Association worked with a real estate developer to restore this historic site and now it is available once again to the community for special events.

The Palmer Building is a legacy to Fire Chief Palmer and the many firefighters past and present in the Charlotte community.

As we begin a new year, I want to thank everyone that makes this publication possible. We have a great passion for our readers, the first responders of North and South Carolina. Our writers and advertisers share this passion as they give you information, products and services to make your job better and safer — use them.
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